How Australian schools are adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic

Are you part of a school leadership team developing your school's response to the current difficult circumstances? If so, don't miss this panel discussion to learn f...
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Discussion questions include:

1. How are schools managing student attendance?
2. How are schools managing assessment?
3. How are schools supporting teacher wellbeing?
4. How are schools supporting student wellbeing?
5. How are schools supporting teacher practice?
6. How are schools managing digital tool selection and implementation?

Panelists include:

Yasodai Selvakumaran – R/Head Teacher Professional Practice – Rooty Hill High School
Matthew Esterman – Director of Learning Technologies and Innovation at Our Lady of Mercy College (OLMC) Parramatta
Cameron Paterson – Director of Learning and Teaching Shore School
Martin Jorgensen – Acting Assistant Principal Curriculum and Pedagogy and Head of Digital Learning at Virtual School Victoria
Natasha Mercer – Head of Teaching and Learning at St Ives High School


School Leaders

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3.3.4 Lead Level – Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

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About the team

Miles Campbell


Founder and CEO of TTA

Matthew Esterman


Matt is a passionate educator and lifelong learner from NSW who has spent over a decade in the classroom teaching History, English and a smattering of other things. He holds a Master of Arts in History and a Master of Learning Science and Technology. He is currently a Teaching and Learning Integrator at Trinity Grammar School, helping connect students and teachers with the dazzling amount of resources and services now available at the tips of our fingers. Matt is a member of several professional associations and is a founder of TeachMeets in Australia. His interests include innovative curriculum design and pedagogy, mindful use of technology to support learning, and the design of contemporary learning spaces and schools. Matt has received numerous awards for his work within and outside of schools.

Cameron Paterson


Cameron is the Mentor of Learning & Teaching at Shore School, North Sydney. He has presented in many national and state educational forums, including ACEL, HTA and AIS. Cameron has four Masters degrees, the most recent from Harvard University, USA, where he also worked in teacher education. He has received several awards including: a History Teachers Association Fellowship, a NSW Minister’s Quality Teaching Award, a Premier’s Westfield History Scholarship, and an Australian Davos Connection Future Summit Leadership Award.

Yasodai Selvakumaran


Yasodai (Yaso) Selvakumaran teaches high school humanities, is co- Relieving Head Teacher Teaching and Learning (Mentor) at Rooty Hill High School in Western Sydney and Teacher Ambassador for the Department of Education NSW. In 2019, she was a top ten finalist in the Varkey Foundation’s $1million dollar Global Teacher Prize and in 2018 was one of 12 Educators awarded a $45,000 Teaching Fellowship from Australian Schools Plus and The Commonwealth Bank.​

Natasha Mercer


Natasha Mercer is Head Teacher, Teaching and Learning at St Ives High School.

In her time at the school, Natasha has overseen the introduction of a Bring Your Own Device program in 2016. She has also led the school in creating a “coaching culture” with students both trained as learning coaches for their peers as well as teachers trained to be both student and teacher coaches.​ Natasha has also been involved in promoting Project Based Learning approaches to student learning and assessment as a way of ensuring students can connect their learning to the real world.