Design Thinking For Teachers, School Leaders & Support Staff

Megan Dredge
Speaker. Author. Educator.
What is Design Thinking? Why is it important? And how can I implement in my teaching and in my classroom? Answers to all this and more in this super practical, super he...
Target Audience
Teachers, Team Leaders, School Leaders and Support Staff.

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Educators have the unique privilege and opportunity to lead and influence the next generation of artists, scholars, scientists, activists and achievers. Creativity and innovation is a crucial part of this process as well and knowing how to respond creatively to change, challenge and opposition. Design Thinking strategies help and equip educators to help their students build resilience and capacity to solve real problems. In this energetic, interactive, and super-practical course you will learn
- What Design Thinking IS and ISN’T
- The Design Thinking Framework and how to apply it to your very next interaction with students (and staff!)
- Strategies for developing your own skills in Design Thinking
- Examples of Design Thinking in many spheres of society
- The incredible importance of cultivating a culture of design thinking in your classroom, in your team, and in your school.


Teachers, Team Leaders, School Leaders and Support Staff.

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This Design Teaching Course really lends itself to a Keynote Presentation coupled with an interactive workshop style break-out session.

This course contributes to 1.5 professional development hours.


Design Thinking

1 hour

- Introduction & Introductory Stories
- Current Design Thinking Research
- Global companies who actively use and apply design thinking
- What Design Thinking ISN’T
- What Design Thinking IS
- The Design Thinking Framework – overview.
o 1. Empathise
o 2. Define
o 3. Ideate
o 4. Prototype
o 5. Test
- Everyday examples of Design Thinking
- The Importance Of Reflection

Let’s Do It - Design Thinking uncovered

1 hour

- The Design Thinking Framework
- The 5 Stages of Design Thinking
- Workshop each stage, one at a time, allowing groups to feed back at the end of each stage.
- Questions to ask in each stage of the workshop:
o 1. What is this stage called?
o Why might it be called that?
o What’s unique and/or significant about this particular stage?
o Where might we go off-track in this stage?
o How does this stage link to the previous one?
o How does this stay lay-up for the following one?
- Reflection: A Crucial Component of Design Thinking
- Conclusion: Let’s bring it all together.

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About the team

Megan Dredge


Megan is a passionate and inspiring presenter, who has spent two decades teaching in both the public and private education sectors.

Megan is committed to helping students aim higher, reach further, and learn stronger. She not only teaches students, she also teaches teachers – running high quality Professional Development programs on a regular basis.

She has authored four books, developed numerous resources for teachers, and most recently developed the education resources for the ABC’s sustainability series, Project Planet.

She has spoken extensively in Australia, Asia and Europe and is currently the Global Leadership Coach for Propel Women, actively training over 4000 leaders in 44 nations around the world.

Megan is a Facilitator for G.A.T.E.WAYS gifted and talented students programs nationwide and also for the GERRIC Gifted and Talented Program at the University of New South Wales.

Whether it’s in the classroom, the boardroom or the marketplace, Megan is passionate about communicating for life change.

She’s been married to Rohan since 1997 and they have two beautiful children, Zarriah and Maddox.

Megan loves all things Italian; loves to read, travel and drink coffee; and would always choose the ‘room with a view’.

“I look forward to meeting you at my next course and learning from your incredible journey as a teacher.” Megan