Learning and Teaching Premiere Pro

This 2-day course will not only show you how to use Premiere Pro it will help you understand why you would want to, giving you the fundamentals of editing any project.
Target Audience
Any teacher with an interest in film and or video

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Teaching Standards

General Description

Why should I try this course?

The first step in teaching film and video is editing, and while virtually every teacher has at least access to a copy of Premiere Pro, for most teachers it is intimidating and confusing. The reality is that Premiere Pro is quite an intuitive program but it does require an understanding of why it is doing what it does. Programs such as iMovie or Movie maker seem more accessible because they don’t require this same understanding, however, they are also very limiting in what they actually allow you to do. Premiere Pro is an incredibly powerful tool that is very much an industry standard.

This course will cover the fundamentals of video editing and how editing is responsible for the development of cinema. These fundamentals will then be applied to a range of activities that take teachers through the applications basic functions and even into some of its more advanced features. The course is very focussed on how students engage with program and provides a range of programming and teaching strategies to cover each stage whether is it a short unit or a dedicated subject. Teachers will walk away with the necessary skills and strategies for introducing Premiere Pro and the confidence to apply it in their teaching practice.

What will I learn?
This course will give you the knowledge and skills to:
- Introduce students to the history of Cinema.
- Teach Adobe’s Premiere Pro to any age and stage.
- Plan and deliver programs and lessons on Video Editing.
- Give informed feedback to your students on their projects and questions that promote critical and creative thinking.
- Export projects for viewing, including online, as well as understanding HSC and IB file requirements.

How will I learn?
The course is presented in eight sessions over two days with a range of learning activities including:
- Lecture style presentations.
- Small group work and
- Lots of practical hands-on experience with all the equipment.


Any teacher with an interest in film and or video

Available Delivery Formats

Format Description

Teaching Standards
2.1.2 Proficient Level – Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area
2.2.2 Proficient Level – Content selection and organisation
2.6.2 Proficient Level – Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
3.2.2 Proficient Level – Plan, structure and sequence learning programs
3.4.2 Proficient Level – Select and use resources
4.5.2 Proficient Level – Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically
6.3.2 Proficient Level – Engage with colleagues and improve practice
6.4.2 Proficient Level – Apply professional learning and improve student learning

Are you in NSW? If so, this is relevant for you

Completing this course will contribute 12 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered PD addressing 2.1.2, 2.2.2, 2.6.2, 3.2.2, 3.4.2, 4.5.2, 6.3.2 & 6.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

TTA (Teacher Training Australia) is endorsed to provide the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at Proficient and Lead Level Teacher.

This course contributes to 12.0 professional development hours.


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Dragon Education


The team behind Dragon Education and Training have over twenty years of experience working with teachers, students, and schools to provide imaging solutions. Dragon Education and Training was created in response to the demands of teachers for whom the most valuable resource is knowledge. Teachers want to know how and why they want to understand and to use their understanding to help them deliver better outcomes for their students. Teachers also want to be engaged in order to feel that their professional learning is valuable to their school, their students, but most importantly to themselves. As available technologies continue to emerge and transform the way we do things, both in the classroom and in the real world, it is important to remember that knowing what the technologies are and how to use them is only a small piece of the puzzle; what is far more important is understanding why.

All of Dragon’s courses and programs are developed and presented by teachers for teachers, and they aim to address both the how and the why in order to make your professional learning: Relevant, Accessible, Hands-On & Applicable

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My job is to help people find solutions in the Photo and Video industries. I am a Classicly trained photographer meaning I actully studied photography for 3 years and shot large format film. this led me to the film industry where my lighting and camera knowledge was highly valued. I now spend most of my time consulting, doing one on one training, Youtube tutorials and doing workshops for brands like RED Digital Cinema, DJI, LightPro. Training people is a great reason to stay up to date with technology and gives me the opportunity to do what I love.