Advanced Applications of Minecraft in the Classroom

Anthony McDonald
A New Scheme Teacher looking to explore new classroom techniques
Collaboratively guiding educators towards advanced integration of Minecraft into pedagogy
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This product is for all teachers in all disciplines
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Advanced Applications of Minecraft is the next step to create and build in Minecraft Education Edition and Pocket Edition. Expert educational guidance is given to help you with your conceptual ideas on builds which deal with different subject matter as well as guidance towards you exploring and developing your own diversified resources.


This product is for all teachers in all disciplines

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Teaching Standards

2.6.2 Proficient Level – Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
3.4.2 Proficient Level – Select and use resources
4.2.2 Proficient Level – Manage classroom activities
4.5.2 Proficient Level – Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically
6.3.2 Proficient Level – Engage with colleagues and improve practice

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Completing this course will contribute 6 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered PD addressing 2.6.2, 3.4.2, 4.2.2, 4.5.2 & 6.3.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

TTA (Teacher Training Australia) is endorsed to provide the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at Proficient and Lead Level Teacher.

This course contributes to 6.0 professional development hours.


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Module 1 - Getting Started on design

1 hour

- This module is designed as a reminder/bridging module that refreshes the participants’ memory of Minecraft software
- Participants are given an example template that they can use to design a lesson plan that uses Minecraft for a specific purpose
- This will also provide participants with a chance to practice their skills alongside thinking about their own discipline

Module 2 - Advanced Redstone and its applications

1 hour

- Participants are introduced to the more complex Redstone items that are present in the game and some select advanced mechanisms that can be created
- Participants are invited to explore these items and create a mechanism of their own, reflecting on how they can apply this to their teaching
- Participants can then go off and explore applications to other TTA STEM areas.

Module 3 - Challenge maps and Quests

1 hour

- Participants will be given the opportunity to download and play through a challenge or quest map that highlights some of the linear storytelling capabilities of Minecraft.
- Participants will be tasked with creating their own, short, map
- Participants will be encouraged to participate in discussions and reflections on the use of this particular application of Minecraft

Module 4 - Using Minecraft for Assessing Syllabus Outcomes

1 hour

- Participants will explore the use of Minecraft as an assessment facilitation tool with links to example syllabus documents
- Participants are given an example template that they can use to design their own assessment task that uses Minecraft

Module 5 – Setting up group builds

1 hour

- Participants are introduced to the requirements of setting up a Minecraft server and facilitating a whole-classroom server session
- Participants will be encouraged to develop a set of rules or ‘server etiquette’ that they can use with their class to teach digital citizenship

Module 6 – Flipped Classrooms and Self-Directed Student Activities

1 hour

- Participants are introduced to further ideas around 21st Century Learning Practice and, in particular, the notion of ‘flipped classrooms’
- Participants are given an example temple to design a student construction project, using Minecraft, that can either be completed in groups or individually.

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Advanced Applications of Minecraft in the Classroom - Anthony McDonald

While I believe there were a few handy pieces of information that I could definitely apply to my teaching, I must say I am rather disappointed with the overall course itself. Some of the videos that were included, in terms of quality, were so poor I could barely read the text on the page (as a lot of the presenters videos were uploaded at a low resolution, 280p). I think this course is highly relevant however as I can see the importance of engaging students in 21st Century learning through apps such as Minecraft. As well, some of the videos had no sound or were partially muted which was a dilemma. This course does include some interesting tips and handy ideas for implementing Minecraft in your classroom. The presenter has spent a lot of time creating their own world to showcase the possibilities of Minecraft and guides you through a world which students can explore. However, there are some issues surrounding the quality of content that is used in this course and the inclusion of some inappropriate videos. If you were to complete this course, I recommend you use headphones as you do not want students or colleagues to overhear some of the language used. Shane Pratt, Leumeah High School.

Advanced Applications of Minecraft in the Classroom - Anthony McDonald

I found this course easy to follow and relevant for use in some of the current activities in the classroom ie Climate Chnage

Advanced Applications of Minecraft in the Classroom - Anthony McDonald

Quite informative with some great ideas on setting quests

About the team

Anthony McDonald


I have been a High School teacher for the last 10 years, specialising in English and HSIE as well as integrating computers and technology into the classroom in new and innovative ways. I am interested in utilising new knowledge and techniques that maximise student engagement and expands student skills for an ever growing and complex world.