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Daniela Falecki
Supporting Teacher Wellbeing through a Positive Psychology lens
Coaching & mentoring requires specific skills if teachers are to effectively support each other. This course shares practical strategies to do just that.
Target Audience
Teachers who wanting to learn specific coaching and mentoring skills to better support pre-service teachers, beginning teachers or colleagues
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Coaching in education is relatively new while mentoring has existed for some time. The purpose of both is to help people grow in both knowledge and practice. In this course we share a toolbox of strategies to support teachers as mentors using a coach-approach that encourages growth mindsets and supports wellbeing.


Teachers who wanting to learn specific coaching and mentoring skills to better support pre-service teachers, beginning teachers or colleagues

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Teaching Standards
1.5.2 Proficient Level – Differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities
3.2.2 Proficient Level – Plan, structure and sequence learning programs
3.5.2 Proficient Level – Use effective classroom communication
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Completing this course will contribute 5 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered PD addressing 1.5.2, 3.2.2 & 3.5.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

TTA (Teacher Training Australia) is endorsed to provide the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at Proficient and Lead Level Teacher.

This course contributes to 5.0 professional development hours.


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Coaching frameworks in practice

1 hour

Now that we are clearer on our role and have some basic coaching skills to build a positive relationship, we need specific tools to help us scaffold and be strategic in moving towards our goals. Here we explore three universal and common frameworks, the Coaching Wheel, SMART goals and GROW.
The foundation of any successful mentor program is planning. Here you create your individualised mentoring program that is unique for you and your role at school. Whether this be using the Professional Teaching Standards to reflect on practice, supporting colleagues in career development or working with pre-service teachers, you will have an opportunity to create your mentoring program complete with skills, tools and resources.

The changing nature of mentoring

2 hours

Mentoring in education has existed for a long time but with changes to accountability with National Teaching standards, appraisals and professional development plans, mentoring has changed. The growth of evidence-based coaching and in education is seeing strong overlay with coaching and mentoring. Here we explore the similarities & differences between coaching and mentoring as well as unpacking the role of a mentor. Also, we are very aware of the learning process and its challenges for students, but what about staff? In order to learn we must grow, in order to grow we need to question our current beliefs, decisions, thoughts and actions. This can be both exciting and confronting. Knowing how to build a culture of trust is crucial if mentors are going to effectively manage the relationship

Coaching skills for educators

2 hours

Coaching is the fastest growing industry in the world and is starting to makes its way into education. Coaching uses specific micro-skills in listening and questioning that support the process of mentoring. By learning these micro-skills, mentors are able to have meaningful conversations that are strategic and encourage reflection.
Also, as teachers, we are always asking questions of our students, coupled with detailed instructions on how to scaffold learning as they move towards achieving outcomes. However, in a mentoring context, the outcome is not determined by us but by the mentee. As a result, we must use specific and effective questioning to help people be solution-focussed as opposed to problem-focussed. By doing so, people become more empowered, more responsible and more engaged with their own goals.

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About the team

Daniela Falecki


Daniela Falecki is known as the “keep-it-real” teacher who specialises in Positive Psychology. Her passionate and practical approach makes her a sought after speaker in schools because she knows what it is like. Sharing stories from her 20 years of experience in schools, her insights are practical, realistic and evidence based. Daniela also lectures at Western Sydney University, is a Senior Associate for Dr Suzy Green & the Positivity Institute, and is the developer of many BOSTES accredited mentoring and coaching programs for teachers. Daniela has been the NSW Manager for the Outdoor Education Group, program developer for International College of Wellness Coaches and is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation). She has completed a Masters in Education (Leadership), a Bachelor of Education (Physical & Health Education), a Diploma in Rudolf Steiner Education, a Life Coaching Certificate (Life Coaching Academy) is a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and was voted Lecturer of the Year 2014 at Western Sydney University.