Upcoming Effective Teaching Courses

Dr David Lakisa
Education Manager and Researcher
Want to engage more fully Pacific Islander and Maori students in your classroom? This interactive workshop aims to improve differentiated learning when working with th...
Target Audience
All KLA teachers, specifically secondary and middle school executives, teachers, teacher aides, community engagement officers.
Sth Western Sydney
46 reviews
Michael Griffin
Mindset, metacognition, intrinsic motivation, expert skill development.
Why do some people achieve so much more than others? This PD explores the most effective music-learning strategies and how to teach them.
Target Audience
Classroom music teachers primary and secondary, as well as instrumental and vocal tutors.
Sydney CBD
156 reviews
Ron Thomas
Director and Faciliator of Speak with Power
Australia ranks badly at catering for more able students, this course will redress this. Learn what real extension is. Many strategies to achieve it will be experienced
Target Audience
Teachers of Grade 5 to Year 10. Gifted and Talented Teachers. Teachers with very bright students. English teachers.
via Zoom
61 reviews