Upcoming Music Courses

Ray Forster
As a jazz teacher and performer my focus is on improvisation
Use Chord/Scale theory & its Application to Jazz and Modern Harmony. Start with the pattern of the Major scale, chords & chord progressions. It also covers, key centres...
Target Audience
High school music teachers who wish to improvise, arrange, compose and understand the theory behind the music.
4 reviews
Paul Avanti Iannuzzelli
Gifting Creativity
This provides teachers with a framework of ideas and tools for creating a highly engaging and enjoyable series of Composition and Film Music Remote Learning activities ...
Target Audience
Music Teachers Stage 3-6 (Linked also to Film, Technology and Media Teachers)
26 reviews
Ron Thomas
Director and Faciliator of Speak with Power
Everything you need to know to put on a professional quality school production (and the little ones too!) without going insane.
Target Audience
Primary and Secondary teachers with a role in staging the School Production and many smaller shows
Sydney CBD
44 reviews
Dianne Langan
I am an experienced music educator and music therapist, with an academic, education and health background which is informed through research, numerous presentations and publications.
Integrate musical strategies that can engage, foster creativity, promote learning and address the specific needs of students for non-music and music specialists.
Target Audience
K-12 teachers and assistants working with learning support and special needs.
Northern Sydney
34 reviews