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Dana-Lee Mierowsky Bennett

Dana-Lee worked on a range of professional film, television and theatrical productions while studying at Screenwise, The Australian Film, Television and Radio School and London’s National Film and Television School. Her numerous multiple award winning music videos, commercials and short films have lead to the development of a feature film and a short television series.

With a UNSW’s Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education, a Certificate in Training and Assessment and seven years teaching experience in primary and high schools, Dana-Lee teaches at film, acting and drama schools, including, The Australia, Film, Television and Radio School, The Australian Film and Television Academy, JMC Academy, The Australian International Performing Arts Academy and Sydney Film School.

Daniela Falecki

The "Keep-it-Real" Teacher

Daniela Falecki is known as the “keep-it-real” teacher who specialises in Positive Psychology. Her passionate and practical approach makes her a sought after speaker in schools because she knows the reality of schools. Sharing stories from her 25 years of experience in schools, her insights are practical, realistic and evidence based. Daniela also lectures at Western Sydney University, has been a Senior Associate for Dr Suzy Green & the Positivity Institute. Daniela has been the NSW Manager for the Outdoor Education Group, program developer for International College of Wellness Coaches and is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation). She has completed a Masters in Education (Leadership), a Bachelor of Education (Physical & Health Education), a Diploma in Rudolf Steiner Education, a Life Coaching Certificate (Life Coaching Academy) is a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner, licensed Mental Toughness user and was voted Lecturer of the Year 2014 at Western Sydney University.

Danielle Simpson

Danielle is the Professional Learning Consultant for Health and Physical Education (HPE) and is part of the quality assurance team at Teacher Training Australia (TTA). Her experience in the Health and Physical Education sector is broad. It encompasses teaching, consultancy, presenting lectures/workshops through to administration of a professional association.

Danielle has been teaching Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) in NSW for the past 25 years and has been Head of Department for 11 of those years. She is currently teaching PDHPE part time. Danielle is an experienced educational consultant who has worked with schools in areas such as mentoring PDHPE faculties, program and assessment writing, curriculum content and delivery for inexperienced teachers of Stage 6 PDHPE and HSC marking simulation.

Danielle has co authored the textbook for Senior PDHPE “Application and Inquiry HSC Course” (second edition) and is an experienced senior HSC marker. She is also part of the writing team for Preliminary PDHPE and HSC Trial examinations for various professional bodies. Danielle presents student workshops with HSC In the Holidays for HSC PDHPE revision. She is the Vice President of the PDHPE Teachers Association.

Danny Arrow

Danny Arrow, BSc (Ind Arts). Dip Ed (UNSW), MEd Admin (UQ), has been involved in the Technology KLA for over twenty five years. Danny Started as a classroom teacher in NSW at St Stanislaus College and then moved to Knox Grammar School in Sydney. He moved to Ormiston College as Head of Technology and was then appointed Head of Technology at St Peters Lutheran College in Brisbane. He has vast experience in the Technology KLA, has been on two Syllabus Committees for Engineering Technology in Queensland and has taught Engineering Technology, Technology Studies, Graphics and Construction at the senior level for many years. Danny has been involved in the presentation of teacher in-service workshops and seminars and is actively involved in Technology teacher networks through professional associations. He has a range of networks involving colleagues from key educational sectors able to assess current trends and continuing professional development.
Danny has been involved with Queensland Studies Authority Core Skills Exam marking, has been a Subject Panel member and has been Engineering Technology State Panel Chair for 9 years. This has enabled him to develop a sound understanding of the requirements, responsibilities and needs that such syllabuses impose on teachers of differing experience.

David Thomas

David is a passionate, experienced and enthusiastic PDHPE teacher with over 8 years experience in NSW Schools. He is currently the Head Teacher for PDHPE at Wyong Christian Community School. David has a strong interest in incorporating ICT across the curriculum to improve outcomes and enjoyment of learning for students. He has also served in student wellbeing and year coordinator roles and has experience in teaching PASS, Mathematics, Drama and Design and Technology. David presents workshops at the PDHPE Teachers Association Annual Conference and desires to continually develop his teaching through collaboration with others.

Denice Scala

Leadership and Learning Consultant

Denice Scala

Denice Scala is an executive leader with extensive experience in key strategic roles requiring business transformation and innovation.

As a passionate advocate for the power of education to enrich lives, Denice moved from classroom teaching to leadership positions in 1992 and since then has held international roles as Principal, Head of Junior School, and Head of Learning Support. She has an impressive working knowledge of early childhood, primary, middle, and secondary schooling including gifted education and special needs. Denice’s unparalleled grasp of current educational realities is equally matched by her ability to implement improvement strategies. She is recognised as a visionary leader of leaders with in-depth experience across education, strategy, operations, finance, people development, technology, and marketing.

Established in 2016, her creative leadership and learning company, Denice Scala Consulting is unique. The cornerstone is designing and delivering adult learning for today’s ever changing world that’s contemporary, creative and performance orientated. Focused on inspiring growth with dynamic leadership solutions, Denice works with clients to create new ideas, shape strategic direction, and develop staff. Working across different industries, she designs bespoke professional development strategies, crafts leadership resources and motivates employees to re-think the way they do what they do to add value to their organisations.

Applying holistic, innovative solutions incorporating her expertise in neuroscience, MBTI® and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Denice combines cutting edge trends, the power of playful learning and her compelling communication skills to drive high levels of engagement and grow personal and professional performance.

She also advises on business development, school improvement, career advancement and parenting needs.

Don’t just ‘go’ through life, ‘grow’ through life is her driving philosophy. Her unwavering commitment to delivering quality service and personalised solutions is second to none.

Desiree Moore

Head Teacher (HSIE/LOTE) at Tweed River High School

30 years teaching Ancient History, Modern History, Extension History, History (7-10), Geography (7-9), Society and Culture etc in NSW state schools
Quality Teaching consultant (History 7-12) in North Coast RegionHSC marker in Ancient History and History Extension
NSW Premier’s Teachers Scholarship recipient – Modern History (2003)
2014 HSC Examination Committee Member – Ancient History

Dianne Langan

I am an experienced music educator and music therapist, with an academic, education and health background which is informed through research, numerous presentations and publications.

Dianne has worked as a music educator and therapist for over twenty-five years. Her PhD examined the relationship between music education and music therapy. She has held a variety of music teaching and therapy positions which have included the University of Technology, Sydney, health settings and Schools for Specific Purposes. Dianne is currently teaching at Wenona in North Sydney. Her experience includes a range of publications, presentations and adult education forums.

Dolly Bhargava

Dolly Bhargava, is a disability specialist speech pathologist. Dolly works with children, adolescents and adults with intellectual and/or multiple disabilities in a variety of settings. She has also completed a Masters in Special Education (Sensory Disability). She provides consultancy and training services on a range of issues relating to communication, behaviour management, emotional literacy, vocation, culture and disability both nationally and internationally. She is the author of the hugely successful Getting Started booklets that can be accessed for free here

She has also developed an app (Rainbow of Emotions)

The book has won the 2015 National Parenting Publications Award American Association– Silver WinnerFind out more

or Purchase the book for $30 & P + H from Dolly via email or PH: 0423 293 254

Donna Redman

Creating safer school communities through suicide prevention and mental health training

Donna is a writer, speaker, teacher trainer and secondary educator. She has expertise in student wellbeing, establishing effective school systems and positive strategies for youth suicide prevention.
In 2013 Donna was awarded the NSW Premier’s Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarship and examined strategies implemented globally for youth suicide prevention and she recognized the importance of proactively enhancing teacher confidence within the school context. Donna assisted in the planning of the Wollongong Diocesan Suicide Pre, Inter and Post-Vention Strategic Plan. Donna’s company Awaken Youth facilitates NESA Accredited 'Gatekeeper’ workshops for teachers as well as targeted suicide prevention training for parents and guardians of young people. Additionally, Donna is an accredited trainer with LivingWorks and delivers safeTALK suicide prevention training to senior students in secondary schools. In 2015 she presented at the Suicide Prevention Australia Conference on the topic ‘Teachers: the greatest untapped resource in youth suicide prevention.’ She is a member of the Macarthur Suicide Prevention Network committee and is employed as a Telephone Crisis Supporter for Lifeline. In 2017 Donna presented workshops nationally at the Positive Schools Conference titled: ‘Positive Strategies for the Prevention of Youth Suicide’. In 2018 she will be presenting in Sydney at the ProPsych Mental Health in Schools Conference on the topic ‘Child and Youth Suicide Prevention in the School Context’. Donna is also the author of the young adult novel Awakening Sebastian, which communicates a strong positive and preventative message regarding youth suicide.

Dr David Lakisa

Education Manager and Researcher

Dr David Lakisa has worked in the education sector at various secondary, tertiary and private levels for the past 17 years. His PhD focused on Pacific culture and workplace diversity management at the University Technology Sydney (UTS) Business School and he is currently a coordinator of religious education programs and teacher in-service in regions across Australia and the Pacific. A former PDHPE teacher at St Peter Claver College (QLD), Eagle Vale and Granville Boys High Schools, David has also been a sessional academic at Western Sydney University in the School of Education (2008-2016). In sum, David has been heavily involved in numerous research, education, government and community-based initiatives for Pacific Islanders and Maori in Australia and across the Pacific region for the past two decades.

Dr Philip Tam

Child Psychiatrist - Problematic internet use

Dr. Tam is a well-regarded child psychiatrist, researcher, presenter and writer. He is a national and global pioneer in the emerging and complex field of ‘problematic internet use’ ( also known as internet addiction) in school-aged children, and regularly presents workshops and seminars on the topic to both general and professional ( teaching and medical) audiences. He contributes regularly in the Media, and has written many articles and book chapters on this topic.

Dr Rich Allen

Leading authority on the brain learns in the classroom

Dr. Rich Allen is a highly regarded educator and master trainer, with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. His cognitive learning theory research, which provided understanding on how the brain receives, processes, stores, and recalls information, forms the basis for his radical approach to teaching, presenting and facilitating.

In 25 years of taking his ideas around the world, he has changed the lives of tens thousands of educators and executives, by giving them practical new presentation and teaching techniques that massively increase personal effectiveness.

A former high school math and drama teacher, Rich was a Director and Lead Facilitator for SuperCamp, a 10-day accelerated learning program for teens, before focusing on teaching brain-based learning strategies to adults. He is the author of a number of best-selling education books including: Impact Teaching and Green Light Classrooms.

Dragon Education

Hands on Professional Learning in Photo Video and Media

The team behind Dragon Education and Training have over twenty years of experience working with teachers, students, and schools to provide imaging solutions. Dragon Education and Training was created in response to the demands of teachers for whom the most valuable resource is knowledge. Teachers want to know how and why they want to understand and to use their understanding to help them deliver better outcomes for their students. Teachers also want to be engaged in order to feel that their professional learning is valuable to their school, their students, but most importantly to themselves. As available technologies continue to emerge and transform the way we do things, both in the classroom and in the real world, it is important to remember that knowing what the technologies are and how to use them is only a small piece of the puzzle; what is far more important is understanding why.

All of Dragon’s courses and programs are developed and presented by teachers for teachers, and they aim to address both the how and the why in order to make your professional learning: Relevant, Accessible, Hands-On & Applicable


Building High Performance Teams

This contributor doesn't have a bio or description.


This contributor doesn't have a bio or description.

Garry Hol

An expert practitioner who wants to encourage, develop, support and empower teachers in their careers

An experienced HSC teacher for over 15 years, Garry’s expertise in English has come from a foundational love of literature and learning. He currently lectures HSC students, provides inservice training for teachers and spends large amounts of time attempting to inspire teenagers to engage with literature through teaching English at the Illawarra Christian School on the picturesque South Coast. He also enjoys tripping to the city on occasion and most weekends will find him performing rock and blues music in venues up and down the coast.

Glen Pearsall

Engaging & Effective Classroom Practice

Glen Pearsall was a Leading Teacher at Eltham High School and a Board member of the Curriculum Assessment Authority. Glen is the co-author of Literature for Life and Work Right and the author of Classroom Dynamics and the best-selling And Gladly Teach.

He works throughout Australia as an educational consultant, specialising in classroom management, engagement and workload reduction strategies for teachers.

He has a particular interest in the work of graduate and pre-service teachers and has worked as a seminar leader and research fellow at the Centre for Youth Research. Glen’s ebook The Top Ten Strategic Questions for Teachers has just been translated into Khmer for Cambodian teachers.

Green Light Education

A New Perspective

Founded by Dr. Rich Allen, Green Light Education applies the latest theories in accelerated learning, educational psychology and brain-based teaching to help educators and executives teach, communicate, motivate and facilitate more effectively

James Anderson

Engaging and thoughtful

James Anderson is the director and principal consultant of Mindful by Design. An experienced and successful teacher, James began working with Art Costa’s Habits of Mind in his own classroom in 2000. James is a highly experienced and engaging presenter with experience at all levels of schooling from early learning through to tertiary.

Check out the Habits of Mind website