Marie Louise

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Marie Louise

Master educator & program developer at Evolve Yourself Institute (NESA accredited self-awareness, self-care programs; reduce & prevent stress, anxiety & burnout)

Marie Louise has been practicing in the field of human behaviour and self-mastery for over a decade. Marie’s focus and purpose was ignited by her mother’s battle with mental illness – leading to a lifetime of research into the function of brain, body and emotional patterns. This self-discovery has seen her push her body and mind to physical and mental extremes, process and overcome years of child sexual abuse, teenage rape and divorce. Accomplished Author of ‘Discover Worlds Within’, co-founder of Evolve Yourself Institute, qualified yoga teacher, master meditator and program developer of the ‘System Of Self®’ education. Marie is an engaging and dynamic presenter, educator and facilitator. Her insight into human behaviour is unparalleled, bringing complex systems to life simply.

Evolve Yourself Institute is the only teacher, nurse & midwife accredited self-awareness education in Australia. Self-awareness is rated the number 1 soft skill you can acquire today.

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