Karen Gilles-Reid

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Karen Gilles-Reid

Special Education and Early Childhood Educator

Karen’s academic attainments include a Masters of Special Education, a Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Emotional/Behavioural); a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood as well as a Graduate Diploma in Psychology. In addition Karen has over twenty years of experience in the Early Childhood sector, including having been a Pre-school Teacher, and successfully led an Early Childhood team through the Accreditation process, as a Director of a Long Day Care Centre. Karen’s Early Childhood team were proud to have their Centre accredited at High Quality.

Karen also considers herself privileged to have provided Home-based Early Intervention, for children presenting with characteristics indicative of the Autism spectrum, whilst employed by the Autism Association of NSW (now Aspect). Making a real positive difference for children presenting with Autism characteristics, Karen delivered twelve years of behavioural support for students K-10, working as a Behavioural Consultant and Specialist Teacher for the NSW Department of Education. In part, Karen attributes her success to her mindfulness meditation practice, which she is passionate about because of its inherent capacity to enhance emotional resilience, compassion and presence.

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