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Anita Chin

Connecting big ideas in maths

Anita has a passion for hands-on activities that engage learners of all ages. She strives to model practical ideas for differentiating instruction and to support school leaders and classroom teachers with curriculum implementation. With over 20 years experience as an educator across Australia and the USA, she currently runs her own Mathematics Education Consultancy company. She has been both a secondary mathematics teacher as well as a primary and middle years consultant with the NSW DET in Sydney. Anita has conducted research into the use of concrete materials to teach Number and Algebra concepts in the Middle Years 5-9 and holds a MEd in Teaching and Curriculum Studies. Whilst teaching pre-service teachers at the University of Sydney she was nominated for a Teaching Excellence Award.

Anita’s whole school/faculty approach to providing tailored on-site professional learning across Australia K-10 encompasses in-class demonstration lessons, workshops for teachers and parents, small team curriculum planning meetings and long-term project work. In conjunction with TTA, she developed an innovative blended model of month-by-month PL for whole schools or clusters of Primary schools that enables communities of practice to learn, implement, reflect and share their knowledge for up to a six-month period of time.

Anita’s workshops and online courses are designed to be highly engaging, practical, thought provoking and relevant to current teaching practices and curriculum. She is a highly recognised speaker at both national and state mathematics conferences in Australia.