Engineering Technology - Resourceful and Practical Teaching

Danny Arrow
This is an introduction to the Senior QSA Engineering Technology course and is loaded with resources and projects to make the course academic as well as hands-on fun.
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Technology teachers
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General Description

This course introduces participants to the newest Engineering Technology Syllabus in a simple way as well as showing them easy methods of motivating students. It is intended for existing teachers of Engineering Technology as well as those considering starting the subject in their school. Firstly, the various parts of the syllabus will be analysed as well as ways of developing individual school based relevant work programs. Participants will be shown a range of extended design practical hands-on projects which can be used to motivate the students when studying this subject. Simple approaches to the theory content will also be illustrated so teachers can teach this subject in a fun and enjoyable way as well as having the students highly motivated. Participants will be given a range of electronic documents including sample work programs, student and teacher theory booklets with solutions, fun hands-on assignments as well as information on the suppliers of kits and resources to use.


Technology teachers

Available Delivery Formats

This course contributes to 6.0 professional development hours.


There are no occurrences of Face to Face - Individual in Australia (QLD) at this time.


Registration and Introductions

30 minutes

Registration and Introductions

Engineering Technology SyllabusWriting a

1 hour and 10 minutes

Syllabus rationale and objectives
Engineering design process
Areas of study and contexts
Learning experiences
Requirements for verification
Standards and levels of achievement

Work program requirements
Course Outline
Assessment plan
Student profiles


30 minutes

Morning Tea

Introductory Engineering Design Tasks – ‘hands on’ act

30 minutes

Build a paper tower to support a brick
Build a sugar cube and tissue paper dam wall
Build a filtration system to clean dirty water

Extended Engineering Design Tasks

50 minutes

Sign Gantry
Alternate Energy Vehicle
Egg Drop Structure
LED Key Tag
Watercraft Vehicle
Projectile Machine


30 minutes


Teaching Technology, Industry and Society and Mechanics

1 hour

The engineering profession, sustainability and graphics.
Introductory mechanics, dynamics, statics and machines.
Student workbooks and solutions.

Teaching Materials and Control Technology

50 minutes

Materials classification, properties, metals, ceramics, polymers and composites.
Control systems overview, fundamentals, components and application.
Student workbooks and solutions.

Engineering Technology Resources

10 minutes

Textbooks and workbooks
Control and Robotics
555 Electronics
Industrial Equipment and Control Tensile Test Machine
Unilab Frames and Structures Kit
Unilab Tensometer

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Very good and useful resources.


Danny was thorough, knowledgeable and keen to show us all he has done that has worked well.


Great sharing of resources & very good basic overview.

Praneshwaran Nair
by Praneshwaran Nair on 03/08/2013

Very relevant material covered.


Good clear presentation, informative and helpful – open to sharing useful resources and personal ideas, friendly approach


Very well presented with excellent reference to relevant topics


Great resources that support syllabus


Lots of information, useful resources provided – very worthwhile.


Good range of topics covered. Had useful handouts.


Very indepth.


Superb in-depth presentation.

by Robert Hawkin on 27/08/2011

As an introduction for someone considering introducing the subject it has been comprehensive and encouraging.


Good knwoledge and information.

by Sean Smith on 27/08/2011

I would like a bit more time on units of work and less on syllabus.


Very comprehensive workshop.


No problems, lots of good information – maybe a little more time going through the information.


The course delivered on its title well!


Course was well structured and will allow me to teach Eng Tech in a practical and in depth manner.


Could have been more on content and methods of delivery. A lot of time on understanding syllabus but still relevant considering new one in draft.


Very informative and useful for my subject area.

About the team

Danny Arrow


Danny Arrow, BSc (Ind Arts). Dip Ed (UNSW), MEd Admin (UQ), has been involved in the Technology KLA for over twenty five years. Danny Started as a classroom teacher in NSW at St Stanislaus College and then moved to Knox Grammar School in Sydney. He moved to Ormiston College as Head of Technology and was then appointed Head of Technology at St Peters Lutheran College in Brisbane. He has vast experience in the Technology KLA, has been on two Syllabus Committees for Engineering Technology in Queensland and has taught Engineering Technology, Technology Studies, Graphics and Construction at the senior level for many years. Danny has been involved in the presentation of teacher in-service workshops and seminars and is actively involved in Technology teacher networks through professional associations. He has a range of networks involving colleagues from key educational sectors able to assess current trends and continuing professional development.
Danny has been involved with Queensland Studies Authority Core Skills Exam marking, has been a Subject Panel member and has been Engineering Technology State Panel Chair for 9 years. This has enabled him to develop a sound understanding of the requirements, responsibilities and needs that such syllabuses impose on teachers of differing experience.