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This course will enable participants to reflect on their current leadership style and build a range of best practice strategies to implement in the future.
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Heads of Department - all states and territories.
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In this course you will be guided through, read about and respond to topics such as approaches to leadership, managing difficult staff and evaluation. You will think about how you have learned to lead and gain insight into a range of leadership styles pertinent to the Head of Department role. I will ask you to reflect on your current role and leadership style. Managing difficult staff requires you to consider a number of scenarios and possible resolutions. Evaluation is sometimes confronting, but the exercise is a very useful tool to improve best practice within your department. The course concludes with a case study and some helpful direction on creating a harmonious department. This course runs over 6 weeks.


Heads of Department – all states and territories.

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This course contributes to 5.0 professional development hours.


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Leadership I

1 hour

•How have you learned to lead?
•Leadership Styles overview
•Leadership Styles activity
•Share your responses online
•Leadership Reflection

Leadership II

1 hour

•Reading 1: Cummins & Lambert
•Reading 2: Hammond
•Share your responses online

Managing Difficult Staff

1 hour

•Conflict Scenarios
•Share your responses online
•Assessment Tasks Mishaps & Difficulties
•Email your responses to ...


1 hour

•Evaluation of: T&L, the Department, the HOD
•Design your evaluation
•In-school Trial

A Harmonious Department

1 hour

•Reading 3: O’Neill
•A Harmonious Department
•Reading List

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Latest Reviews

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Head of Department - Online
by Nicole Jenkins on 12/06/2017

I really enjoyed the range of readings the course offered to delve deeper into leadership styles. It was excellent and would recommend it to other leaders in my school.

Head of Department - Online
by Roslyn Peters on 19/12/2016

Very informative look at styles of leadership in an education setting.

Head of Department - Online
by Jarrod Schindler on 01/11/2016

This was a good introduction to some of the broad ideas pertaining to teamwork and management within a school context.

Head of Department - Online
by Megan Wesley on 21/09/2016

The Head of Department Online Course provided lots of ideas and suggestions that apply to a range of staff/ student issues that arise in schools. It also reassured me of things that I already do in a positive way.

Head of Department - Online
by Jena Shaw on 13/09/2016

I participated in the course because I was hoping that it would give me some skills or ways of dealing with problems that would help me to get a HT position. I don’t feel like I have been given skills to help with gaining a HT position.

Head of Department - Online
by Drew Bickford on 13/09/2016

Kym Wilson’s Head of Dept course was extremely well managed, with possibilities for interaction with other participants. Kym’s level of contact with myself during the course was (when needed) fantastic I thoroughly enjoyed the readings and found them wholly applicable to myself at this stage of my trajectory.

Head of Department - Online
by Jesse Bolton on 12/09/2016

The course was relevant to my aims and objectives for completing the course. Course readings and materials were valuable, and I was able to share these reading with my department to better enhance our department objectives and goals as a team.

Being able to read other participants blogs and responses, really di resonate with me because it provided insightful feedback. It also comforted me that other Middle Leaders have the same difficulties and triumphs.

I also appreciated the extra time given for responses to tasks, as the original close date for the tasks was at a very busy time of term.

I would have like further feedback and interaction from the course provider/ facilitator. As this was very much self-directed, I felt that I was disconnected from potential learning opportunities.

Head of Department - Online
by Chivonne Gofers on 30/08/2016

This course was well structured and informative. I felt that the discussions were valid and useful and the course was helpful to me in my role as a head of department. This was a great course!

Head of Department - Online
by Jennifer Freeman on 30/08/2016

As a beginning HOD I found the course very beneficial. It gave me the opportunity to network with other teachers in a similar position and it prompted me to follow through and implement strategies to make the department more cohesive. I found the scenarios and comments on the ways to deal with situations very helpful. The readings were very informative and insightful.

Head of Department - Online
by Gabrielle Turnbull on 30/08/2016
A valuable course in leadership that looks at many different leading styles and how to focus your strengths in leadership in a positive manner.
Head of Department - Online
by Jo Lapointe on 30/08/2016

Overall I found this course intensely helpful. The readings were interesting and practical, offering some good ideas and suggestions about many facets relating to leading a department. The nature of the on-line course meant it was easy to fit into my schedule and the forums provided an opportunity for discussion and feedback.

Head of Department - Online
by Sylvia Wallace on 30/08/2016

Liked the flexibility and time extension to complete the course. Content of course was stimulating and well-paced out.

Head of Department - Online
by Christine Sands on 30/08/2016

I enjoyed the course as it made me reflect on the leadership styles used within my own school and department. It also allowed me to see why some departments run very successfully and others do not. I am at present a 2IC and have used this knowledge to slowly make some necessary changes within our area.

Head of Department - Online
by Joe Rimmer on 30/08/2016

I didn’t get a lot from this, in fact I found that the person running it didn’t really have any interaction with the comments.

It was more the other participants generating the content.

I though the quality of the scanned documents not delivered professionally. - articles scanned often side ways out of a book

I didn’t feel that this was someone who had ten years experience of head of department


Dear Joseph,

I’m sorry you feel dissatisfied with the course. In recent years I have focused my interaction with participants using my weekly emails out because previous feedback indicated that my contributions to the Forum Posts ‘got lost’ in the discussion.

Readings for the course are drawn from articles and book chapters and those from book chapters are scanned from the original. Taking material from books as well as journal articles allows for greater breadth of resources.

Thank you for your feedback. I will take this into consideration as I prepare for the course next time.

Head of Department - Online
by Rheanna Hesp on 24/08/2016

The course had some very useful information, which can be implemented at school. It was great that you could share responses with other teachers.

Head of Department - Online
by Katherine Simmons on 23/08/2016

I found the course to be very beneficial as it provided me with many great ideas about how to be an effective leader.

Head of Department - Online
by Christopher Murray on 23/08/2016

Was good to see all the other participants comments, and how they have resolved previous problems. The readings were thought provoking and well structured for the course work. The timing/pace of the course was good, however it did take me more than 90 minutest per week to complete the work.

Head of Department - Online
by Nicole Civelle on 23/08/2016

I enjoyed completing the Head of Department leadership course. Thorough detail was provided and the timeline made the online course achievable while managing my teaching load. Kim Wilson sent update emails to remind us as to what stage of the course we should be at, which also helped to keep on top of the modules. I was also able to obtain useful readings and documents in which I have taken back to my department.

Head of Department - Online
by Kathleen Quintal on 23/08/2016

The course was both informative and engaging. It provided theoretical frameworks to consider in my practice as a Head of Department. It also provided opportunities to implement strategies to further my development as a leader.

Head of Department - Online
by Julie Catalan on 23/08/2016

A very informative and well-designed course to take you through with levels and variants in a being a good leader.

About the team

Kim Wilson


Kim has been a Head of Department for 10 years. She has experience in leading a very small department of 4 history teachers and more recently a very large department of 17 HSIE teachers (History, Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies, Geography and Studies of Religion). She is an experienced teacher of junior and senior History and has delivered many professional development courses. In 2005, Kim was recognized with a NSW Quality Teacher Award. More recently she has been awarded a doctorate from Macquarie University, her research focused on historical fiction for children and young adult readers. She has a number of publications including, her book, ‘Re-visioning Historical Fiction for Young Readers: The Past Through Modern Eyes’.

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