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This introductory course to the main aspects and functions of Photoshop includes hands-on experiences, trying out your skills to create contemporary digital imagery.
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All secondary teachers of ICT , Graphics and Visual Art
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This online course will give you an introduction to the main aspects and functions of Photoshop. You will have a hands-on experience trying out your new skills in whatever version of Photoshop you have (version 7 through to CS5) with step-by-step tutorials and image-banks. The tutorials will cover Image Adjustments, Layers and Selecting in Photoshop.
We will also look at aesthetic styles in digital media with examples from digital artists and photographers.
You will have the help of the presenter as well as sharing your questions and experience of Photoshop with other teachers taking the same course. You will have a bank of resources to download and use in your classroom.
This course does not cover Photoshop Elements, a lite version of Photoshop.
PD Hours = 8.


All secondary teachers of ICT , Graphics and Visual Art

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A normal online course is delivered over 1-12 weeks and is worth from 3-12 PDhrs depending on the course content and its objectives. Participants will not need to take time off, the course date is the START date only, end dates will be advertised with course hours. Learn more HERE.

This 6 week course is set up ,from the introduction through to the last task,to help you build your understanding of Photoshop. The skills,tools and effects are embedded in the tutorials to help illustrate their use.
Like all TTA online courses, you have a presenter,Liz Germani, following your progress, to ask questions of and assist you to understand the journey on the course. Liz is always happy also to be there for you as you utilise these skills in the classroom after this course is finished. The course has a full set of tutorials,images and ideas to use in the classroom immediately. If you would like to do Photoshop Element which is the lite version of Photoshop check out this course by Sharron Mountain. Photoshop Elements

This course contributes to 8.0 professional development hours.


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30 minutes

Overview of course and Task Summary
Outline of software required and File management
Introduction to Aesthetic Styles in Digital Media..a way of categorising styles of digital media.

Topic 1- Photoshop Workspace

30 minutes

The Photoshop Environment
look at the components of Photoshop:
-The Workspace
-The Toolbar
-The Palettes /Panels
look at the concepts of Photoshop:
- Resolution and image quality
- File types for different purposes
Activity – Image Size Research

Topic 2-Image Adjustments and Filters

1 hour and 30 minutes

In this topic participants will explore the basic effects that can be applied to an image in Photoshop. They are the Image Adjustments and the Filters.
-Image adjustments experiments
-Filters experiments
-Contact sheet: learning how to use thumbnails to document digital works

Topic 3- Understanding Layers

1 hour and 30 minutes

In this Topic participants will explore the power of Layers in Photoshop. It is essential to separate the different aspects of images onto separate layers to have the capability of coming back to the layers later to refine or change the image.
Each task has three components
a) learn the skill
b) Practise by repeating the skill using the Imagebank supplied
c) Refine the skill by repeating and sourcing their own images
Learning 3 separate Layer effects or functions
a) Layer Opacity
b) Layer Blending Mode
c) Layer Mask

Topic 4- Selections in Photoshop

1 hour and 30 minutes

In this topic participants will learn 4 basic methods of selecting in Photoshop
A selection in Photoshop refers to highlighting a specific part of an image or layer so that you can apply an effect just to that part. You may want to delete the rest of the image,copy that part to another photoshop document, feather the edge of an area or object.
In this Topic you have a more detailed look at 4 specific selections
1. Magic Wand
2. Magnetic Lasso Tool
3. Quick Mask
4. Lasso Tool

Topic 5- Multilayered Images

1 hour and 30 minutes

In this topic participants will use the skills learnt in previous topics and build your first multilayered image.
This is an image that consists of more than two layers.

Topic 6- Playing with Text

30 minutes

In this topic participants will learn how to add text to a Photoshop document.This tutorial is based on the Aesthetic Style – DESIGN as it has text as the design element in the image.

Other resources

30 minutes

This section covers resources for participants to assist their learning and also to utilise in the classroom
Student examples
Extension tutorials
Additional information on Photoshop

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Latest Reviews

Please note the feedback listed here is unfiltered, and includes all comments and ratings collected.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Hannah Barclay on 20/04/2017

Excellent course. Well set out for online delivery. It made it really easy to work through.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Wendy Stewart on 10/04/2017

Excellent overall. Gained a lot of knowledge and skills. Easy to follow instructions and constructive feedback. Internet was the only problem. Highly recommend to other Art teachers.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Mary Karatasas on 29/12/2016

I found the course very beneficial and will be using Photoshop in my Technology Mandatory, Food Technology and Textile and Design lessons next year.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Tanama Naidoo on 19/12/2016

I really enjoyed the activities which were in this course. I have used and taught some Photoshop before and found that this course helped to expand my knowledge. I had not used the program for a while and so I was a little rusty with it. I found it useful to discover some features I did not know about. Each activity was interesting and the practice tasks really helped to remember how to achieve the desired look. I also had fun using my own photos to complete some activities.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Allison Brooks on 19/12/2016

The exercises had some amazing results and you could certainly “go for it” if you are in any way creative. I’m not creative but surprised myself what I was able to achieve. I am looking forward to redoing the course exercises again in my own time so I can practice some of the skills before I teach students in TAS. It will certainly be of use to our students and I will be able to include it into units of study we already have. It is relevant to 21st Century learning and sure to spark the interest of students to create works of a professional nature.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Matthew Cook on 19/12/2016

Course is excellent for beginners. Provides excellent resources and most tasks can be directly used in the classroom.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Godfrey Chabikwa on 15/09/2016

The course was excellent and I could get the support I wanted anytime of the day. I remember calling from home after working hours and Liz could still take the call. There were times when I needed content knowledge and she could direct me appropriately.

Introductory Photoshop Online
by Alexander Baryshev on 24/06/2016

Great online course, interesting activities that allowed me to gain new skills and opportunities to practice the new skills I learnt.

Introductory Photoshop Online
by Ben & Heike Roberts on 24/06/2016

Photoshop is a very powerful software package with a lot of features and tools and Liz Germani has done an amazing job in creating a comprehensive online course that allows the student to work at their own pace and fully understand all of the tools and techniques presented . Her course was incredibly well organised and she was always on hand to provide assistance with even the smallest of questions. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in mastering Photoshop.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Matthew Musico on 14/12/2015

Content was detailed, instructions were clear.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Jodie Kelso on 14/12/2015

Great course, appropriate content that was well structured. Very thorough feedback from Liz.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Beverley Champion on 07/12/2015

Really enjoyed the course. Especially the excellent resources.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Jim Haigh on 16/10/2015

Course delivery was well paced and set at a reasonable standard.
The tutorials were challenging enough, but I would have liked some further explanation of software features.
(Tutorials were mainly practical /hands on).

Overall a worthwhile course, some of which I will use in the classroom.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Margie Lewis on 21/09/2015

I felt the course was relevant and excellent in extending my IT skills as a TAS teacher. As I was working from my home computer I initially had issues in not having all the right drivers and updates for the latest Adobe Creative Cloud, but once this was sorted I was able to access the online course and complete it with ease. This was due to the great handouts and instructional videos from Liz. Would highly recommend TAS teachers to add it to their list of courses to do.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Kelli Warner on 21/09/2015


Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Jenny Tentomas on 09/07/2015

The feedback from Liz Germani was very quick. Liz was very accomodating and her comments were constructive. Her tutorials were easy to follow and her direction was clear. The resources allowed teachers using older and/or newer versions of Adobe Photoshop to complete the course. They will also help students who are using different versions of the software to work successfully from home. The tasks became incrementally harder and I was required to apply and consolidate the skills I was learning throughout the weeks. My confidence grew during the 6 week course and my work became conceptually stronger and technically more complex. I would highly recommend the course to other teachers. Thank you Liz.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Belinda Naujok on 18/06/2015

This course was an excellent way to learn the basics of Photoshop from selection to the application of layers and filters. I have no problem
feeding these skills to my classroom and in my own professional work. Thank
you Liz.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Jordan Hart on 17/06/2015

I feel that the course provides a great basis for teachers and those interested in learning the skills of Photoshop. The tasks require you to combine a number of elements which then allow you to experiment and explore your own aesthetic.

Introductory Photoshop - Online
by Julie Dwyer on 17/06/2015

I came with no previous Photoshop knowledge or skills and found this online introductory Photoshop course easy to follow. With the step by step written instructions and video assistance it made life less frustrating and more pleasurable to complete the course.

Introductory Photoshop - Online

The course delivery was very good. It was set up so that it could be self-paced which was important to be able to fit the completion of tasks in at times that were suitable. The presenter provided feedback on each individual task which was valuable and allowed me to build an even greater understanding of each of the Photoshop tools.

About the team

Liz Germani


Liz is an educator with over 30 years experience. She has trained as an Information Technology VET and Visual Art teacher. As a teacher at Wyndham College for many years, she also spent a year full time as the ARTEXPRESS Digital Studio Trainer running workshops all over NSW and consulting with teachers across Visual Arts, TAS and Primary. She has experience as a HSC marker in Digital Media and has been involved in many projects including ICT Quality Teaching and Gifted and Talented workshops. Liz has been a presenter in the digital media area for 20 years, working with TTA in the last 8 years as well as leading the team to program professional learning opportunities for teachers across Australia.

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