Introductory Inventor® 3D CAD Drawing

Danny Arrow
This course introduces the 2013 version of Autodesk Inventor 3D Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) software, one of the world’s leading 3D CAD design tools.
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Technology teachers
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This course introduces participants to the newest version of Autodesk Inventor 3D Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) software, one of the world’s leading 3D CAD design tools. The course is intended to assist teachers in getting started with this program in their schools. The drawing package is now very cost effective for use in schools and students can get it for free at home. The course is tailored to the teacher who wants to use the program with a variety of students in Years 5 to 12 Design and Technology, Graphics, Technology Studies and Engineering Technology. The basics of Inventor 3D sketching, constraining, modifying, extruding, revolving, rendering, assembling parts and layout for printing 3D models will be taught. Participants will produce a variety of drawings which can be used to motivate students. Simple approaches to 3D CAD teaching will be illustrated so teachers can teach CAD in a fun and enjoyable way as well as having the students highly motivated.


Technology teachers

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This course contributes to 6.0 professional development hours.


There are no occurrences of Face to Face - Individual in Australia (QLD) at this time.


Introduction to CAD in Schools

1 hour

Overview of CAD in schools and methods of instruction.

Inventor 1

2 hours and 30 minutes

Introduction to 2d drawing and editing in Inventor.Exercisers

Inventor 2

3 hours

3d modelling and constraining in Inventor. Advanced exercisers

What To Bring

USB and pen

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Introductory Inventor® 3D CAD Drawing
by Karina Degens on 25/08/2015

It was a great course, introduced the basics of Inventor, provided resources to use in the classroom, and suggestions on how to teach an Inventor Unit.

Shaghayegh Mazaheri
by Shaghayegh Mazaheri on 20/07/2013

It would have been better to get through some more material.

Brian McDonald
by Brian McDonald on 20/07/2013

Well presented; easy to follow but needed more time to complete for beginners.


Very good information, presentation but just too much covered for effective practice at the basics. (A second intermediate course needed, after a “homework” is given/completed.)


Perhaps provide a USB drive with samples & instructions.

Doric Torkington
by Doric Torkington on 20/07/2013

All went good/well. Nearly impossible to get the right balance of content as even the beginners are at different levels.


Course presenter delivered this course very successfully. I would have liked a little more intermediate instructions but overall very happy.


A little too fast for myself, very interesting and informative


Well paced to suit participants

by Kevan Dawkins on 25/08/2012

Very helpful, easy to understand

by Ian Hall on 25/08/2012

Great work. Need one for Revit and next level inventor


Really enjoyed this course. Well paced and very informative. Great course


An informative course, well delivered. Thank you

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Danny Arrow


Danny Arrow, BSc (Ind Arts). Dip Ed (UNSW), MEd Admin (UQ), has been involved in the Technology KLA for over twenty five years. Danny Started as a classroom teacher in NSW at St Stanislaus College and then moved to Knox Grammar School in Sydney. He moved to Ormiston College as Head of Technology and was then appointed Head of Technology at St Peters Lutheran College in Brisbane. He has vast experience in the Technology KLA, has been on two Syllabus Committees for Engineering Technology in Queensland and has taught Engineering Technology, Technology Studies, Graphics and Construction at the senior level for many years. Danny has been involved in the presentation of teacher in-service workshops and seminars and is actively involved in Technology teacher networks through professional associations. He has a range of networks involving colleagues from key educational sectors able to assess current trends and continuing professional development.
Danny has been involved with Queensland Studies Authority Core Skills Exam marking, has been a Subject Panel member and has been Engineering Technology State Panel Chair for 9 years. This has enabled him to develop a sound understanding of the requirements, responsibilities and needs that such syllabuses impose on teachers of differing experience.