The Flipped Maths Classroom

Richard Andrew
This online course targets teachers of mathematics who want to embrace the concept of the Flipped Classroom, freeing up class time for collaboration and exploration.
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Secondary & Middle School Maths Teachers
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This 16 week online course targets teachers of mathematics who want to embrace the concept of the Flipped Classroom. (Refer to the course prerequisites below). The Flipped Classroom allows students to access ‘teaching segments’ in their own time thereby freeing up class time for collaboration and exploration. However, this is not necessarily about students ‘watching lectures at home’. Rather, the Flipped Mastery model is promoted whereby comprehensive, student-centred units of work are created for students to access online during lessons and/or outside lesson time. Topics covered include sourcing video content, creating maths instructional videos, delivering video to students online and creating quality online units of work. Importantly we will explore effective ways to deal with student-centred learning, an approach inherent in the Flipped Classroom. The course recommends various software but will cater for a range of technologies.
Course pre-requisites: Participants need to be competent in operating their computer i.e. be able to manage multiple programs and windows simultaneously, readily adapt, learn and trouble-shoot new software. Participants do not need to be advanced computer users, rather, competent computer users. The December date enables the course to be completed during the Christmas holidays, finishing mid Term 1. Accredited PD Hrs = 12


Secondary & Middle School Maths Teachers

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A normal online course is delivered over 1-12 weeks and is worth from 3-12 PDhrs depending on the course content and its objectives. Participants will not need to take time off, the course date is the START date only, end dates will be advertised with course hours. Learn more HERE.

This course can be accessed 24/7 over a 16 week period. Due to the requirements of the course and the challenges of learning new software and work flows, participants will need to spread their involvement evenly over much of the 16 week period.
The December occurrence runs through the Christmas holiday period, ending mid Term One. Participants are able to work on the course whenever it suits them during that period.

This course contributes to 12.0 professional development hours.


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21/03/2016 Online Places available $399 + GST See More
20/06/2016 Online Places available $399 + GST See More
12/09/2016 Online Places available $399 + GST See More
05/12/2016 Online Places available $399 + GST See More


Session One: Introduction

30 minutes

Contains introductory information necessary to complete the course, guidance re screen casting software options, preparation for Session 5 (Creating instructional videos). Participants are not required to purchase any software although may choose to do so.

Session Two: A Flipped Maths Classroom? Why and How

30 minutes

The flipped mathematics classroom explained. Some advantages, issues and obstacles to be aware of. Examples of flipped units are provided.

Session Three: Student-centered learning

30 minutes

Arguably, the most important aspect of the flipped classroom is the fact that it promotes student-centered learning. This module looks at the issues around student-centered learning and the management of student-centered learning in the context of the mathematics classroom.

Session Four: Sourcing and sharing quality media

30 minutes

After exploring different types of mathematics videos participants are coordinated to search, find and share several quality instructional videos resulting in each participant gaining multiple, quality videos across multiple topics.

Session Five: Preparation - Creating instructional screencasts

45 minutes

This module is an overview of the planning process required for creating screencast videos and includes the pros and cons of producing ‘scribbling’ videos as well as some example snippets from videos created by past participants.

Session Six: Screen capture options

15 minutes

‘Capturing your screen’ is an important skill for creating flipped units. Some screen capture tools also record video, but come with some related issues which are explored.

Session Seven: Screen casting options

2 hours and 30 minutes

Many screen casting options for PC, Mac, iPad and Android are explored. Some are covered via detailed tutorials and others by overview articles and/or videos.

Session Eight: Video type, compression and sharing

30 minutes

Once participants create some videos they need to be shared. This is where Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo and etc come to the fore. Additional background information to video file types and video compression is given.

Session Nine: Options for delivering your media

1 hour

Once participants have sourced and created some media, it will be time to ‘flip’ some lessons – in other words, create an online unit of work. This session provides an overview.

Session Ten: Tutorials for delivering your media

3 hours

There are many options for creating a flipped unit of work and some of the better ones are explored in this session – Google Drive, Open Learning, Weebly, Google Sites, Moodle and others.

Session Eleven: Implementing your Flipped Mathematics Classroom

2 hours

Once participants have created their flipped unit they implement it with their students and then report back to the course their implementation experiences.

What To Bring

Officially there is no preparation required for this course. However if you do not currently use screen casting software you are going to need to decide what to use. The decision will require some reading and quite a bit to thought as it depends on need, platform and budget, to name a few factors. A document will be forwarded to you upon enrolment containing sufficient information should you want to choose your software and other peripherals prior to the course commencing. Note there is no need for a participant to buy any extra software or hardware for the course. However, if you know you want to embrace the Flipped Classroom path and therefore create media in the future you would be wise to use quality software.

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Latest Reviews

Please note the feedback listed here is unfiltered, and includes all comments and ratings collected.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by Stefanie Fetzer on 29/01/2016

I have learnt a lot about new programs of which I had no knowledge before. It was fun to create a unit of work and have it available electronically now exactly the way I would like to teach it to my students – I gained a valuable resource by participating in the course. I also saved some links to work that turned out great from other participants and intend to use it in my lessons.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by David Ellis on 18/01/2016

Gave me the theory, confidence and skills (including those little tricks usually only gained through hours of practice) to make and implement a flipped-mastery course. And at the end I have a bank of resources sourced and created by the other teachers doing the course.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by Jeffrey Mills on 10/01/2016

The course was extremely user friendly and followed a very logical sequence. I felt that I had a pretty good understanding of what the flipped model entailed, but I very quickly learned that there was so much more to it. To understand that student spread is to be encouraged was an exciting concept, since I prior believed this to be a potential problem. I would highly recommend to anyone that is interested in exploring the flipped model, but also for those interested in screencasting, providing engaging online resources in an organised manner or to even build confidence in their ICT skills. Thanks Richard!

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by John Hepworth on 14/12/2015

Possibly the most engaging PD I have done. The highlight of the course is that there is no irony in its delivery as the course is a Flipped Classroom. I was interested in the concept before doing the course, however, throughout the course I became inspired and I have since effectively invested significant time in to designing new units for my classrooms.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by John Kunz on 02/12/2015

Good course – new skills learnt, and very applicable.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by Tyrone Giese on 02/12/2015

The course is really useful and convenient. Lots of great resources have been pulled together and summarised. Trying out all of the techniques as you go allows you to make sure that you’re doing things right.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by Ramona Lobo on 23/11/2015

Over all a very good course. Although I knew about the concept of a flipped classroom, it forced me to implement one and report back on it. The length of time provided for the course was adequate although I didn’t distribute my time evenly. As a typical student, I left a lot of the implementation to the last minute despite Richard’s warnings and this became quite stressful towards the end. It was good that there was no real deadline, particularly for the reporting milestones however, for a person that is unmotivated this isn’t always a good thing. I am now hooked on a screen casting software that was introduced to me via the course. This was overall a good learning experience.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by Sally Guise on 08/10/2015

The course was fantastic and helped launch me into being able to successfully flip my classroom. The information was great and easy to follow; particularly for someone like me who doesn’t have a great deal of confidence with technology. At the beginning of the course, the thought of putting together a whole flipped unit was very daunting, so it felt very rewarding to have achieved that by the end.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by Craig Milligan on 06/10/2015

I thought the course was really good and particularly relevant to today’s type of student. My students are far more willing to engage in an exploratory topic using videos and the internet (which they are very comfortable using) as opposed to listening to a teacher explain. The advantage of using a video to deliver a lesson means that students can work at their own pace (pause, rewind etc) which is a massive challenge in the “live” classroom environment where you are generally forced to pitch your lessons at the middle-level student.

Although the course took longer than 12 hours to complete, the time taken to complete the course was useful, valuable and worthwhile.

The Flipped Maths Classroom / Online
by Amy Xue on 23/09/2015

The Flipped Maths Classroom course gave me a wealth of information. It presented material on various softwares which allowed me to experiment and find one which worked for me. I loved the practical, hands-on nature of the course in creating screen casts and flipped units. Overall, a very worthwhile course.

The Flipped Maths Classroom

Excellent course. Richard was very helpful and understanding of the problems arising throughout the course. There were plenty of software suggestions and the video demonstrations were clear and easy to follow. I am now confident in producing videos that will help the learning process of my students.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by Katie Jackson on 27/04/2015

This was a fantastic and inspiring course. It was filled with so much useful information that I could not list it all. I have felt so inspired by this course that I have flipped a senior class and am happy to report that it has been a huge success. My student love it and there is a feeling of relief and determination to succeed in General Maths. My students are very busy with co curricula activities and now they can learn at their own pace and when it suits them. It has given me back time to really work with my weaker students in addressing their problem while my more capable students can race ahead at a pace that suits them rather than being held back. The course involved a massive learning curve and trial and error to find out what would work for me. Five stars!! If you are looking for an inspiring course that will change and challenge your view of education then this is the course for you.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by Tracy Wells on 01/04/2015

I really enjoyed this course. It has completely changed the way I teach and it is exciting to be learning and exploring along with my students. The course covers anything I ever needed to know and there was a great deal of support every step of the way. Well worth it.

The Flipped Maths Classroom

I really enjoyed this course, learning about the flipped classroom and the programs around that allow you to make it a reality in your classroom.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by Susan Lotter on 27/03/2015

Excellent course! Will be recommending it to all.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by Melanie Parsonage on 25/03/2015

Great course, lots of information and advice allowing me to change my classroom teaching practice.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by Gary Clay on 25/03/2015

I thought the course was well run and organised. The adjudicator was helpful and enthusiastic. The range of technologies were great and gave me a number of ideas on how to set up well. I would like more tools for android tablets reviewed.
I would recommend the course to others.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by Heather Allan on 23/03/2015

The course was full of great ideas and practical pointers for implementing the flipped classroom at my school. I appreciated the fact that I could complete it at a time that was suitable for me and fit around a busy schedule. Also, I could refer back to any section at any time. There was excellent support and feedback through the online forum.
The website was well set out except that each time I finished a section I could not go straight to the next section but had to go back to the top menu. There just needs to be a link added to go to the next section.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by anita olstein on 03/03/2015

I found the course was extremely well prepared and presented, and was very easy to progress through the various stages.
It provided a wealth of information, supporting the “Flipped Classroom” model of open learning. I think, however, that the course takes longer than the 12 hours outlined in the commencement, and that the technical skills required were not as basic as indicated. I do feel that I can implement the Flipped Classroom with confidence, and progressively improve in the technical areas.

The Flipped Maths Classroom
by Tami Shachar on 03/03/2015

The course very well explained and presented. The communication with Richard and other participants was excellent. The only problem I found was that it was presented as a 12 hour course, but really took much more than 12 hours. Also, the technical skills of editing videos was an important and valuable part to learn in the course, but it was not explained well for someone who is just a beginner. All other parts of the course were great.

About the team

Richard Andrew


Richard has taught in 3 states and territories of Australia over the past 25 years and has been Head of Mathematics at Oxford Falls Grammar School for 6 years. He has developed a teaching style which is interactive and relational, directed yet open ended, and which fosters individual progression, higher-order thinking, and collaborative learning. Richard is a passionate campaigner for conceptual learning; his professional journey continues to lead him to discover more and more ways of teaching mathematics conceptually and he delights in sharing these with other teachers.