Teaching Cohesion for Writing and Reading

Rod Campbell
English language and Literacy Specialist
Teach skills for improving clarity and effective use of content in imaginative, information and persuasive texts; improve student knowledge, skill and confidence.
Target Audience
Secondary teachers of English, or any subject that requires students to write reports, essays & lengthy connected texts. Useful for report writing.
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Teaching Cohesion is a companion course for Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary. Knowledge of cohesion and its use is important when writing whole texts, involving effective use of pronoun
referencing, text connectives, word meaning systems and paragraphing. This course will show how to teach effective use of the various systems of cohesion, and to develop skills for teaching students to write paragraphs for all major text types. The elements are presented within the frame of the Australian Curriculum: English and a scope and sequence for their development across a whole school program will be presented. Participants will be shown how to implement school-wide teaching and assessment programs that will lead to improved results in writing.

Teaching elements of the language strand of the Australian Curriculum: English has to be implemented within a framework of literature and other texts used to inform, persuade, advise and entertain.


Secondary teachers of English, or any subject that requires students to write reports, essays & lengthy connected texts. Useful for report writing.

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You will receive a FREE copy of Rods latest text “Teaching English Grammar” valued at $40

This course contributes to 6.0 professional development hours.


There are no occurrences of Face to Face in Australia (NSW) at this time.


Session 1: (a)Introduction to Cohesion (b)reference systems

2 hours

1. Introduction to cohesion

2. the elements of cohesion

3. pronoun reference/substitution

4. teaching pronoun reference

5. demonstratives and clarity

(information giving and workshop participation activities)

Session 2: Word substitution systems

2 hours

6. word substitution

7. lexical cohesion

8. avoiding repetition

9. word associations

10. synonyms/antonyms

11. class sets

12. referent strings

13. text connectives

14. logical sequence

15. conjunctions

16. ellipsis

17. effect of determiners

Session 3: (a) theme, paragraphs & uses of textual contrast

2 hours

18. theme prominence

19. paragraph writing for

various text types

19. using top level structure

20. headings and text


21. bringing cohesion together

22. formative assessment of

student development in writing

23. some hints for teaching

inferential comprehension

What To Bring

Samples of student writing

A few interesting texts, or any text type, that you use for analysing content

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Teaching Cohesion for Writing and Reading
by Alannah Noffke on 13/04/2015

Content was presented in a very engaging manner.

Teaching Cohesion for Writing and Reading
by Samantha Mulligan on 13/04/2015

The course content is fabulous. With great resources, strategies and lesson ideas to implement in our teaching program.

Teaching Cohesion for Writing and Reading
by Lisa Morris on 13/04/2015

Very well done. Easy to follow.

Teaching Cohesion for Writing and Reading

I would have liked a bit more on explaining actual grammatical terms, then activities to implement own knowledge/new knowledge to break up lecturing. Good overall.

Teaching Cohesion for Writing and Reading

Easily accessible and good interactivity. Receiving the book was very helpful.

Teaching Cohesion for Writing and Reading

A very informative and engaging course. There are many valuable strategies that I could use with my classes.

Teaching Cohesion for Writing and Reading

Thank you Rod for a very informative day. I appreciate the mix of theory and strategies to use in the classroom. You were very generous with the sharing of your resources which will help to make changes back in school.


Potentially too many tangents not exactly specific to course content. Very interesting, excellent lesson ideas, worth the trip to Brisbane. Very small participant size made the session more personal and worthwhile.


Practical and clear.


The content was extremely practical for the classroom while being backed by evidence-based research. Rod is an informative, entertaining and knowledgeable presenter.


As always Rod is a a fun of knowledge, theory backed up by the practical. His resources are always fantastic and genuinely designed with making the job of teaching English easier and more effective.


At last, an expert in the field provides advice. Thank you Rod for your willingness to not only share fifty years experience & knowledge on language education but also for fielding our questions.

Course Presenter
by Rod Campbell on 14/11/2013

Thanks for your generous comments. Please let me know how the school wide assessment of writing goes.

Dawn Boland
by Dawn Boland on 03/06/2013

Love the content, it’s great to talk ‘shop’. Love the activities and teaching ideas. Rod gets us to do the exercises, the learning is fun and challenging.

Sophie Barker
by Sophie Barker on 03/06/2013

A very interesting range of material. Great that we can get copies of hand-outs etc.


Concise & explicit information on content. Presenter was well prepared & had resources that were practical & that can be easily applied in the classroom.


Very helpful, very generous, very clear. Could limit less related patient discussion, accepting & open (allowing for all ability/knowledge levels, etc.)

Nikki Turner
by Nikki Turner on 03/06/2013

Would have been more useful if held over 2 days. So many good hints and tips that would have been even more useful in more depth.

Terina Wyeth
by Terina Wyeth on 03/06/2013

Again, some really practical & easy-to-implement strategies that I can take away & apply to my practice. Well-organized & resourced & so willing to share your hard work.

About the team

Rod Campbell


Finalist for the Professor Betty Watts Memorial Medal for Outstanding Contribution to the Profession of Teaching 2015.

Rod Campbell has many years of experience in teaching across all areas of education, including secondary, primary, early childhood, special education, and university. He has specialised in teaching English, English literacy, curriculum theory and teaching practice in early childhood and primary, classroom research, and has worked with thousands of teachers in Australia and Asia. He is co-author of 17 texts on teaching English literacy and English grammar. “Literacy for the 21st Century” (2012 and 2015) has been one of the leading texts for teacher education in literacy since 2012. Rod has given more than 800 demonstration lessons in scores of schools in the last five years, and these experiences add life to the stories of his presentations in “ How to teach English”. His latest book Teaching English Grammar has already been taken up by many schools including Windsor State School.

In 2018, Rod became a Member of the Order of Australia for his significant service to education, particularly to literacy, as a practitioner, academic and author.