Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success

Kirsten Norgate
Step by step instructions for designing differentiated classroom learning activities with proven delivery strategies.
Target Audience
Primary teachers who are beginning their differentiation journey and looking for strategies that respond to the diverse learning needs of students.
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The secret to creating an effective differentiated classroom involves combining responsive teaching with practical, proven delivery strategies. During this course teachers will gain a greater understanding of how classroom environments, program design, use of resources, structure of activities and assessment impact on learning. Teachers will be taken step-by-step through the process of designing differentiated learning activities, inspiring them to make the most of students' diverse interests, needs and abilities.


Primary teachers who are beginning their differentiation journey and looking for strategies that respond to the diverse learning needs of students.

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Teaching Standards
1.2.2 Proficient Level – Understand how students learn
3.3.2 Proficient Level – Use teaching strategies
4.1.2 Proficient Level – Support student participation
5.1.2 Proficient Level – Assess student learning
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Completing this course will contribute 6 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 1.2.1, 3.3.2, 4.1.2 & 5.1.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

This course contributes to 6.0 professional development hours.


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•The 'Whats & Whys' of DI•Pretesting

1 hour

•Introduce and explore the concept of Differentiated Instruction.
•Explore their own perceptions about differentiation and ways they may already differentiate in their own classrooms.
•Explore the nature of the “differences” that students bring to the classroom, and how those differences can be identified and used to good effect for each student.
•Use Pretesting tools.

•Philosophies & Models

1 hour

•Introduce a variety of models that are currently considered best practice in differentiated instruction.
•Reflect on how these modules could be helpful in different classroom settings
•Explore the Maker Model in depth – What does it mean to differentiate content, process, and product?


1 hour

•Explore and evaluate a range of grouping strategies, and the variables that come into play when choosing one strategy over another (i.e., grouping by interest vs. readiness; grouping by whole group vs. small groups vs. pairs; grouping by self-selected groups vs. assigned groups; and so on).
•Investigate teaching strategies that activate students' various intelligences and speak to different types of learners(Blooms/Gardner/De Bono)
•Evaluate other strategies for differentiating process such as tiered assignments, learning centers, and contracts.
•Explore ways to manage these strategies in the classroom and using sample lesson plans, practice integrating these grouping/process strategies.

•Managing the classroom environment

1 hour

•Explore differentiated instruction in classroom management and provide practical steps that assist with managing the differences within the classroom by setting up routines/procedures to accommodate diversity.

•Step by Step process to structuring a tiered lesson plan

30 minutes

•Analyse examples of differentiated activities and design “tiered activities” and assessments that allow students of all ability levels to learn the same essential concepts in different ways.
•Apply the principles of Differentiated Instruction to design a lesson plan that matches your learning objective(s).


1 hour

•Explore how to differentiate assessment of students' understanding and learning.
•Explore how to manage ongoing assessment in the classroom setting.
•Reflect on personal understandings of differentiating content for diverse learners.
•Focus on bringing differentiation to the classroom through various assessment strategies such as instructional rubrics, student reflections and portfolios.
•Discuss the challenges anticipated over the implementation phase as teachers continue to carry out these ideas in their own classrooms.
•Provide options for future support.

What To Bring

Sample lesson plans of year level.
USB stick.

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Latest Reviews

Please note the feedback listed here is unfiltered, and includes all comments and ratings collected.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Fiona Lemon on 29/10/2015

Course comment – I found this a beneficial addition to my PD for the year. It was good to learn the theories about differentiated learning, and how these look in the classroom. I found the course slightly biased toward primary education, but still helpful for me in my role as a secondary music teacher.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Barbara van Kessel on 18/09/2015

I found this course useful as a refresher. It reminded me of the lot of the theoretical backing and strategies that – although I was aware of them and have practiced them for years – I had probably let slide somewhat. There was a tendency, in the content, to be somewhat more primary than high school focused (although a lot of the strategies suggested are easily transferable to the high school setting).

I also found that the content confirmed for me that I have incorporated differentiation strategies into my mixed ability classes quite well over the years. I was reminded of the fact that I need to consciously consider the learning needs of every student.

Finally, through this course, I realized that the strategies I use with Senior students is significantly different to those I use with Junior students. I tend to use more of a ‘one size fits all’ approach with seniors and need to reconsider this whilst continuing to cover essential course content for HSC.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Jenna Azzopardi on 16/09/2015

This course provides relevant strategies for differentiation and some templates to do this in the classroom. Although this course is primarily for primary school teachers, it is not difficult to build upon some of these strategies and tactics for a high school setting and is therefore beneficial for all levels.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Edward Shingleton on 18/08/2015

I found the course to be satisfactory.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Jessica Watson on 09/07/2015

The course gave some good ideas about how to adjust work for different levels. However, it aims more at the primary level and does not give many strategies for secondary teachers to incorporate into the behavior management ideas.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Rebecca Burgmann on 06/07/2015

I enjoyed this course. It was great to read other participants input and hear the wonderful things they are doing in their classrooms.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Tegan Boyd on 02/07/2015

This course was good to use as a platform to see how others in various settings are differentiated instruction in their classrooms. I felt that I had a good handle on the knowledge component as we already do this at my school.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Chantelle Grimmond on 01/07/2015

I think this course would be beneficial for beginner teachers.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Cathy Perri on 30/06/2015

I enjoyed this course and feel that I gained some good knowledge of methods of differentiating my lessons. Having to actually put some of them in to place during the course was great as it meant that I couldn’t put it off like I sometimes do during face to face PD.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Maria Tsoutras on 30/06/2015

This course was very useful in outlining and modelling different strategies that can easily be incorporated in the classroom in order to differentiate the curriculum.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Trudee Green on 30/06/2015

The course content was very relevant with a variety of resources that I downloaded and will be revisiting. I would rate the course as good. The resources were very helpful, but I would have liked to see more video footage of applying some of the styles discussed, and to experience more of an open forum with the others taking the course. I felt a bit alone.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Amy Gow on 23/06/2015

This was a good course with lots of interesting information to read and some good ideas to consider. It was good to have some concrete strategies to try and to be reminded of others that I have used in the past.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Sarah Murphy on 23/06/2015

I found this course informative; refreshing some strategies familiar to myself while others new; I’m looking forward to being able to draw on these strategies in my everyday teaching classes.
It was also good to see that I am actually using some differentiated classroom techniques in my teaching which was reinforcement for me as a teacher that I am doing good things for my students.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Philippa Hartman on 21/01/2015
found this course useful for finding out different types of differentiation, as well as building networks with other teachers and also sharing ideas.
Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Joel Blythe on 18/12/2014

Mush of the same theory as provided in my degree 8 years ago. But its important to note that re-engaging with the information has motivated me to implement these strategies in class. Easy to follow and great to interact on the forum.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Krista Richards on 18/12/2014

This was a very helpful course. It was great to learn more about differentiation and address issues in my classes better. It was very useful that I could do it in my own time over the 6 weeks rather than having to go to Sydney for a full day. One of my concerns of doing an online course is always having enough time to do it when full time teaching. There was only one component in this course that I really had to use a lot of extra time on. The rest, however, was very doable with time. The course coordinator was always available if needed. Really good course.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Natalia Paull on 02/12/2014

I found Kirsten’s course '‘Differentiated instruction - proven strategies for success’' to be very useful. It gave me a lot of practical ideas of how to approach and teach different students of different learning abilities. I also found the forums to be extremely useful when communicating to other teachers and sharing the ideas.
Overall I would rate the course as excellent and I would definitely recommend it to other teachers who would like to learn some strategies how to cater for students with different learning abilities.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Juliette Fowler on 24/09/2014

I completed the online course "Differentiated Instruction – Proven Strategies for Success, which began 21/07/14. I found the course informative, insightful, concise yet comprehensive, clear yet detailed, interesting, practical and useful. I thought the course had just the right mix of theoretical and practical focuses, which supported each other seamlessly. The course provided insight on a range of clever ways to better differentiate teaching to meet the needs of a range of student abilities and better address the complex but important issue of the many different types of diversity in the classroom. I have already started using many techniques with great results and will definitely continue to try them out.

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success

Course is well structured

Differentiated Instruction - proven Strategies for Success
by Brooke Holtham on 11/09/2014

I found the course helpful in making me aware of some different differentiated teaching models that I could use within my classroom. Our school is in the country so it was great to see other models and how they work in other schools and contexts around Perth.

About the team

Kirsten Norgate


Kirsten is an experienced educator who has worked across the State, Catholic and Independent sectors. She has worked as a classroom teacher and learning support teacher across Prep – 7. Kirsten has also worked in several middle management positions and coaching roles with a focus on planning for the needs of diverse learners in the classroom. In addition to working with teachers, Kirsten continues to teach in the classroom which enables her the opportunity to put theory into practice.