Behaviour Management in the Preschool Years

Karen Gilles-Reid
Mindful Early Childhood and Special Education specialist
Target Audience
Early Childhood Teachers Early Childhood professionals Assistant Principals (K/2) Classroom Teachers (K/2) Long Day Care Directors Preschool Directors

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General Description

Behaviour Management in the Preschool Years presents a non-violent approach to Behaviour Management; e.g. it provides a focus of teacher self-regulation through the practice of mindfulness meditation, as a method for enhancing compassion and presence with children who are engaging in disruptive behaviour. The product also outlines general behaviour management strategies, as well as information about the potential function of challenging behaviours; it also provides resources which aide in the functional assessment of challenging behaviour.
The product also provides information about Crisis Management Planning, and outlines an approach which is inclusive of Somatic Psychoeducation, that helps children learn how to be angry in a safe manner.


Early Childhood Teachers
Early Childhood professionals
Assistant Principals (K/2)
Classroom Teachers (K/2)
Long Day Care Directors
Preschool Directors

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8 minutes

Course Title: Behaviour Management in the Preschool Years
Course Overview:
One Minute Introductory Video
Aims and Objectives

Mindful Behaviour Management

1 hour

Delivery Method: Online
Lesson One: Emotional Regulation (information about how children regulate (5 slides) and three video links “Is Crying Good for Your Health” (2:40 mins); another video “Trauma and Dissociation in Children” (2 mins); third video by Dr Jon Kabat Zinn; “What is Mindfulness” (3 mins).
10 minute Reflection Task

Lesson Two: Being Mindfully Present; free Tara Brach PhD Mindfulness Meditation 13 minute video link "Opening and Calming"
10 minute Reflection Task

Lesson Three: General Behaviour Management
Information about Social Scripts e.g. Turn Taking; Positive Accurate Feedback as a form of encouragement, and an activity is encouraged in which two people provide each other with positive accurate feedback in relation to a story, the other has immediately shared.
A video is included about “The Positive Time-out Alternative that Works” (3:25 mins); another video “Behaviour Guidance: Creating Classroom Rules” (4.35 mins)
10 minute Reflection Task:

Managing Challenging Behaviour

1 hour

Online Delivery
Lesson 4: Challenging Behaviour Part One
Slide about Understanding Challenging Behaviour which outlines the possible sensory/physical reasons which may cause challenging behaviours. In addition there is a 20 mins video called "Rethinking Challenging Kids: Where’s There’s a Skill There’s a Way by psychologist J. Stuart Abion (TEDx Beacon Street).
10 minute Reflection Task

Lesson 5: Challenging Behaviour Part Two
Information about how to communicate rules to students who engage in challenging behaviours e.g. keep it visual, teach replacement behaviour/s. Also includes some information about functional assessment.
10 minute Reflection Task

Lesson 6: Crisis Management Planning
An example is described which outlines what to do if a child is engaging in aggressive behaviour. Strategies to protect all children are outlined, safe methods for exiting the room, if needed, and strategies to teach the child who is ‘acting out’ replacement behaviour/s are also described.
10 minute Reflection Task

Lesson 7: Behavioural Resources.
1) A Somatic Psychoeducational resource has been developed (one page with visuals); outlines safe ways for children to be angry and methods for teaching these alternative safe behaviours.
2) Another free resource called Guided Functional Behaviour Assessment Tool is provided. It is an online resource that identifies the motivation for behaviours and suggests sequenced interventions, specifically tailored to the behaviour of concern identified.
3) Another resource is provided; the Motivational Assessment Tool (MAS). The resource identifies whether the behaviour of concern is motivated by sensory, escape, tangible or attention seeking.
10 minute Reflection Task

PS All slides in the PD are broken up with visual content

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About the team

Karen Gilles-Reid


I have a Masters of Special Education, a Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Emotional/Behavioural) as well as a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood. Just as importantly I have over twenty years of experience in the Early Childhood sector, including having been a Preschool Teacher, and successfully led an Early Childhood team through the Accreditation process, as a Director of a Long Day Care Centre; our centre was assessed as being the highest possible quality.

In addition I have twelve years of experience working as a Behavioural Consultant and Specialist Teacher, employed by the NSW Department of Education. Whilst working in this capacity, part of my role was to effectively empower transition from Preschool to Kindergarten, for children struggling with challenging behaviour. I am currently studying psychology with Monash University online, and work in the Early Childhood sector as a Preschool Teacher on a casual basis.