Programs, Ideas and Engaging Tools For English Stages 4 and 5

Garry Hol
An expert practitioner who wants to encourage, develop, support and empower teachers in their careers
A kitbag of resources, programs & ideas enabling teachers to engage & inspire all ranges of Stage 4/5 students with an appreciation & interest in the literary world.
Target Audience
All NSW high school teachers of English

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General Description

This course is designed to provide a wealth of resources, ideas and texts to enable the teacher to engage and inspire the students to have an interest in literature and the English classroom. It will also have a focus on how to map forwards and identify key competencies needed for Stage 6. It will also cover skills for developing formative and summative assessment. This course is ideal for all teachers of high school English within the NSW NESA syllabus.


All NSW high school teachers of English

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Teachers need to be present in a designated interactive learning space

This course contributes to 5.0 professional development hours.


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The Workings of Teen Mind

1 hour

Presentation on how the teen mind works in the classroom

  • Specific psychological and research data via Powerpoint
  • Reflections and anecdotes on teacher’s experiences

How this process manifests in a classroom

  • Data on findings via Powerpoint
  • Discussion and reflection on personal teaching practice
Unlocking the Teen Mind Via Themes

1 hour

Exploring the canon of teen literature

  • distributing giant lists of texts and extracts
  • exploration and discussion of these textual examples

Exploring the universal human experience through themes

  • Presentation of numerous examples of textual extracts that deal with a particular human experience (love, hardship, growing up, sacrifice etc)
Teaching Central

1 hour

Identifying and demonstrating a plethora of ideas to teach these themes and engage with students in the classroom

  • Powerpoint and handout information of teaching ideas
  • Modelling and demonstrating these ideas
  • Roleplaying classroom scenarios using these and teachers' own ideas
Programming Approaches

1 hour

Displaying of a term program following the approaches and using the ideas suggested

  • Powerpoint display of program
  • In depth discussion on the contours of the programs
  • Collaborative approach to teachers' own program ideas and texts
Assessment Central

1 hour

Identification and implementation of assessment tools within the scope of these exampled programs

  • Powerpoint presentation of summative and formative assessment
  • Discussion and reflection of both within teachers' own classroom practice
  • Development of 2 assessment tasks, both a summative and a formative, for implementation in teaching program

What To Bring

  • An open mind and a desire to share

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About the team

Garry Hol


An experienced HSC teacher for over 15 years, Garry’s expertise in English has come from a foundational love of literature and learning. He currently lectures HSC students, provides inservice training for teachers and spends large amounts of time attempting to inspire teenagers to engage with literature through teaching English at the Illawarra Christian School on the picturesque South Coast. He also enjoys tripping to the city on occasion and most weekends will find him performing rock and blues music in venues up and down the coast.