New Teachers - from stressed & overwhelmed to thriving & flourishing

Tim Perkins
Senior Associate, Cut Through Coaching & Consulting
Early career teachers - Do you feel like you're drowning? Is this career not what you were thinking it would be? Are you feeling overwhelmed? We understand you and wan...
Target Audience
Primary teachers, secondary teachers, stage leaders, heads of department, mentor teachers

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General Description

New teachers face all sorts of issues in the early days, months and years of their career. Many report feeling stressed and overwhelmed particularly with the amount of paperwork, bureaucracy, administration, data gathering and entering, managing their accreditation and PDP’s etc. The word on the street is that if they new teaching was going to be like this, they might have chosen to do something else. What they really want is to create fun, enjoyable, engaging and challenging learning opportunities for their students to focus on so that they can help their students grow and flourish. This course will help teachers recognise what’s essential and important with a strong emphasis on personal wellbeing, sustainable teaching practices, learning to say ‘no’ and bringing the joy back to your teaching.


Primary teachers, secondary teachers, stage leaders, heads of department, mentor teachers

Available Delivery Formats

Format Description

This workshop will be very interactive and responsive to the circumstances of the community of new teachers who are enrolled. Participants will have the opportunity to confidentially share their own stories and will leave with multiple new strategies to assist them with their personal wellbeing, the sustainability of their career as a teacher as well as ways of working with their students to assist both the teacher and students to feel deeply challenged and satisfied.

This course contributes to 6.0 professional development hours.


There are no occurrences of Face to Face in Australia (NSW) at this time.


What's really going on?

1 hour

Discovery session – exploring the personal stories of the participants and the challenges they are facing with a view to personalising the content of the delivery of subsequent sessions to tailor the session to the specific needs and expectations of the target audience.

Why is this so hard?

1 hour

What does the research tell us about the realities of what is happening to early career teachers? What causes the attrition rate to be so high in the first 5 years for teachers in Australia? What are you entitled to? Who is supposed to be supporting you? How can you look after yourself?

Workshop activities related to wellbeing

2 hours

The New Economics Foundation in London did broad research around the factors that help us to live a satisfying and good life with strong mental and emotional health. They called their results the Five Ways to Wellbeing. The concept of wellbeing comprises two main elements: feeling good and functioning well. This workshop will introduce you to the five elements: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning & Give and give you opportunities to explore what you are doing really well and what would benefit from further development.

Confidence building and managing change

1 hour and 30 minutes

This session will provide participants with an understanding of the stages of change and help them develop an understanding of what their real needs are and how they can go about having them acted on in an empowered and respectful way.

Where to from here?

30 minutes

This closing session will challenge participants to come up with a specific plan to address what they are going to do about the aspects they are struggling with and who they are going to turn to for support.

What To Bring

Note paper
Pens, pencils, textas

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About the team

Tim Perkins


Tim Perkins combines his vast experience of dynamic educational settings with his well-recognised abilities as a highly engaging and entertaining story teller and presenter to provide opportunities for school and business leaders to re-conceptualise their approach. Tim is passionate about the impact that the development of authentic relationships within teams can have on engagement and wellbeing. He has specific expertise in the fields of mentoring, engagement and wellbeing. In 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Tim was ranked in the top ten in the Australian University Lecturer of the Year Awards. In 2013 Tim won a Vice Chancellor’s Teaching and Learning Award for Enhancing Student Learning and this was followed by National Awards in 2014 and 2015 for the Service Learning project he initiated for Notre Dame students to work with internally displaced community in Nakuru, Kenya. In 2016 he also won a Vice Chancellor’s Teaching and Learning Award for work he and a colleague developed on Self and Peer Assessment.