Visualise Data in the Primary Classroom

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Teach Year 3-6 students how to use infographics to explore and represent information, data or knowledge. Infographics can be used in any primary subject.
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Primary Teachers
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General Description

Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. They have grown in popularity because they communicate information quickly and clearly. In this hands-on course, you will build your ability to use infographics as a learning tool in your classroom. You’ll discover how to understand infographics and create your own.

You’ll learn:
- How to use infographics to help Year 3-6 students understand data, compare texts, express a point of view or summarise learning.
- How to read and understand seven different types of infographics.
- How to design, create and publish infographics in any subject area.
- How to use a range of lesson plans to teach infographics.


Primary Teachers

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Course Access - This course is available 24/7. Begin the course when it suits you. After completing the course you will still have ongoing access to review content.

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Teaching Standards

2.1.2 Proficient Level – Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area
3.3.2 Proficient Level – Use teaching strategies
3.4.2 Proficient Level – Select and use resources

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Completing this course will contribute 2 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 2.1.2, 3.3.2 & 3.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

This course contributes to 2.0 professional development hours.


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10 minutes

Get started with your online professional development.

About Infographics

30 minutes

Discover the benefits of teaching infographics.

Reading Infographics

30 minutes

Learn how to read seven common types of infographics.

Creating Infographics

30 minutes

Experience each step of creating your own infographic.

Your Teaching

30 minutes

Download lesson plans that you can use right away.


10 minutes

Reflect on your course learning and next steps

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Visualise Data in the Secondary Classroom - Cool Australia

excellent material and content

Visualise Data in the Primary Classroom - Cool Australia

Excellent introduction on how to create info-graphics and embed them into your classroom

About the team

Cool Australia


Cool Australia is an award winning not-for-profit dedicated to supporting educators with tools to foster ‘learning for life’. We help integrate topics around sustainability, ethics, economics and wellbeing across the curriculum. This enables teachers of all age groups and disciplines to engage young Aussies in real-life learning whilst achieving Australian Curriculum and Early Years Learning Framework outcomes. Our accredited professional development is designed to build your confidence, understanding and expertise. You will learn through a mixture of practical and thinking activities as well as hearing the stories of others. Plus you will access a range of teaching tools that can you can use straight away in your teaching.