General Purpose Programming for Technology Mandatory

Daniel Milech
Transition into general purpose programming for Technology Mandatory beginning with game creation in JavaScript.
Target Audience
Year 7 & 8 teachers looking to introduce coding, or teachers of years 5 & 6 advanced coding classes.

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General Description

This course is designed to establish an understanding of the terminology and requirements for Technology Mandatory. First we introduce algorithmic & computational thinking and how to translate this thinking into computer code (general purpose programming) in JavaScript.

Teachers will develop practical and transferable JavaScript programming skills, in the context of game creation for interdisciplinary projects.

JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language in the world currently and is an excellent starting point for both teachers and students.


Year 7 & 8 teachers looking to introduce coding, or teachers of years 5 & 6 advanced coding classes.

Available Delivery Formats

This course contributes to 3.0 professional development hours.


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Session 1: Technologies Mandatory requirements and terminology

1 hour

In this section through a lecture style participants are walked through the Technology Mandatory outcomes requiring coding, and their specific definitions and practical applications. Participants also are familiarised with a software tool for teaching programming.

Session 2: Computational Thinking & JavaScript Syntax

2 hours

This session delves into the fundamental principals behind computational (algorithmic) thinking, and object oriented programming. Information is presented with many visual examples, and interspersed with practical activities with analogies, and actual coding practice in JavaScript.

A brief discussion about assessing coding activities directs future learning and course options.

What To Bring

Laptops required

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About the team

Daniel Milech


Head Instructor, Staff Trainer, Partnerships Manager at Code Camp.

Code Camp teaches kids to code through game, app and website development during the school holidays.