Breaking Shackles: Liberating the Mind for Learning

Michael Griffin
Mindset, metacognition, intrinsic motivation, expert skill development.
Metacognition, the hallmark of the free mind, is one of the “untarnishable joys of life”. A Growth Mindset provides the autonomous courage to begin the journey.
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all teachers and principals
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This course synthesises the pedagogical factors that most impact learning, distilling the work of Hattie, Dweck, Deci & Ryan, Ericsson, Csikszentmihalyi, Harvard Project Zero, and other notable educational psychologists. We explore a synthesis of mindset, motivation & metacognition that challenges capped-potential self-conceptions. Teachers must understand the impact their beliefs, words and actions have on cultivating the learning disposition of students. Teacher mindsets result in expectations impacting student achievement. Metacognitive teaching has the greatest effect on learning, granting freedom of the mind. But how is it taught?


all teachers and principals

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This course contributes to 5.0 professional development hours.


There are no occurrences of Face to Face in Australia (NSW) at this time.


Achievement, A model for fostering Intrinsic motivation

1 hour

• Why do some students achieve so much more than others? • Introducing Self-Determination Theory
Freedom begins with a growth mindset

2 hours

• How mindsets drive learning
• How mindsets are cultivated
• How teacher mindsets determine student achievement

Teaching for metacognition

2 hours

• Thinking precedes learning
• Great teachers enable students to think for themselves
• The power of words, questions, sentence stems and prompts
• Flow – the ultimate in autotelic metacognitive learning

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Pen and paper (or do we provide this?)

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Breaking Shackles: Liberating the Mind for Learning
by Ashleigh Della Marta on 24/07/2018

Michael is an amazing prester who has given me amazing information that I am so motivated to now educate other and implement myself.

Breaking Shackles: Liberating the Mind for Learning

A number of confronting ideas presented – the damage of praise, benefits of intrinsic vs extrinsic reinforcement. Changes to be made with strategies to promote growth and mindset.

Breaking Shackles: Liberating the Mind for Learning
by Linda Roden on 24/07/2018

very useful apps and strategies to take back to the college to increase motivation and student engagement.

Breaking Shackles: Liberating the Mind for Learning

I have a better idea of metacognition and growth mindset and how to implement them in my classes and school.

Breaking Shackles: Liberating the Mind for Learning
by Nohara Binyamin on 24/07/2018

Highly engaging presenter. Relevant and clear presentation.

Breaking Shackles: Liberating the Mind for Learning

Insightful, researched-based and challenging ideas which apply to my teaching

Breaking Shackles: Liberating the Mind for Learning
by Kaarin McKenzie on 24/07/2018

Very engaging and learnt so much about how to student motivation

Breaking Shackles: Liberating the Mind for Learning

Excellent Presentation. With presentation a little rushed at the end. However, it was awesome.

Breaking Shackles: Liberating the Mind for Learning
by Kendall Robinson on 24/07/2018
Breaking Shackles: Liberating the Mind for Learning
Breaking Shackles: Liberating the Mind for Learning
by Barry Smith on 24/07/2018

Very useful and evidence-based. Clarification of terms and concepts. A range of suggested applications to subjects, curriculum

About the team

Michael Griffin


Michael Griffin is an educator, keynote speaker, author and pianist.

Griffin’s talks to staff, students and parents, examine the factors that impact continuous improvement toward exceptional achievement. Whilst a learning mindset provides the autonomous volition to embark upon this journey, the greatest influence of progress – music and otherwise – is the quality and the quantity of effort, or in musical terminology – practice time. Indeed, Griffin’s books Children and Learning – For Parents and Learning Strategies for Musical Success investigates these concepts in detail providing pragmatic solutions for parents, general teachers and music teachers.

Griffin also presents to full staffs and student bodies on teacher/student mindsets, metacognition, intrinsic motivation and deliberate practice. He has spoken to groups of staff, students, parents, corporate and community audiences in more than 400 settings in 30 countries throughout the world. A full list of client schools can be accessed here.

Griffin has been the Keynote or Consultant Speaker at several global education events including the Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS, Dubai) European Council for International Schools (Hamburg and Nice), Association of International Schools Africa Educators' Conference (South Africa), English Schools’ Foundation (Hong Kong), International Educators Conference (Brunei), APEP Member Schools Conference (Thailand), British Schools of the Middle East Arts Conference (Dubai and Oman), Qatar Music Academy (Doha), Association Genevoise des Ecoles Privées (Switzerland), Maryborough Music Conference (QLD, Australia) to name but a selection. He has been an invited guest at the New Horizons adult education program in New York State and has consulted for Cambridge University Press designing curriculum for the government of Kazakhstan.

As a conductor, Griffin’s choral ensembles have received more than 40 prizes and awards (half of these first prizes) in Australian competitions including Australia’s top choral prize at the time, the Australasian Open Choral Championship. Griffin has adjudicated at several eisteddfods and been guest conductor for major events including the Pemulwuy National Male Voice Festival, and events in Switzerland, Asia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. He is a recipient of the South Australian Education and Arts Ministers’ Prize and is listed in the inaugural Who’s Who South Australia.

As well as the widely acclaimed Learning Strategies for Musical Success, Griffin is the author of several music education books including Bumblebee! Rounds & Warm-up for Choirs and Modern Harmony Method. As a pianist, Griffin has held guest residencies at Dubai’s Burj al Arab as well as repeat invitations to Australia’s Hayman Island. Classical piano recordings include the compilations Consolation (2013) and Shimmer (2014). As a teacher in schools, Griffin held a range of posts up to Deputy Head level.