Using Matific to engage the primary mathematics classroom

Using technology in the Primary Classroom is now mandated by ACARA. However, often the ways in which technology is used in Mathematics is less than ideal. Brent Hughes ...
Target Audience
Primary School Teachers, Primary School Leaders

Learning Areas

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General Description

Matific is a resource that is used all over Australia and the world to engage students in their classrooms and at home. Learn how to best ensure that your students are tapping into the capability of online resources.


Primary School Teachers,
Primary School Leaders

Available Delivery Formats

Format Description

In this format participants are able to work with the trainer in grade or stage groups to integrate Matific into their classroom teaching.

This course contributes to 2.0 professional development hours.


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Matific Pedagogy

30 minutes

Participants work with trainer as they outline the pedagogy that underpins everything that Matific creates.
A brief look into the reasons why online technology is needed in primary mathematics.

Scavenger Hunt

20 minutes

Participants are divided into groups no bigger than four. They are each given a teacher login and a scavenger hunt card. The teams are then required to work together to tick off the items on their card.

Matific in the classroom

30 minutes

Participants brainstorm with trainer different examples of how teachers may use Matific in their school.

School makes a commitment to include the resource into their programs for a specific purpose.

Participants work in their grade groups to program the use of the resource in for the next few weeks of maths lessons.

Questions and Feedback

10 minutes

Question and answer time with the trainer, feedback surveys given out

What To Bring

Tablet computers,
Their class numeracy program

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About the team

Brent Hughes


I have worked in the primary education space my entire career, first as a teacher and maths tutor and now as a teacher educator and consultant. I am passionate about working with schools and teachers to try and challenge the perception of mathematics. Ultimately I plan to change the way that Australian students and teachers interact with maths.

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