Beginner's Guide to Minecraft in the Classroom

Introducing Minecraft to curious educators and guiding them through the initial stages of planned integration into pedagogy.
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This product is for all teachers in all disciplines
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This course has been designed to introduce you to Minecraft and the various ways in which it can be implemented into an educational space. Expert educational guidance is given to help you with your conceptual ideas on builds which deal with different subject matter as well as guidance towards you exploring and developing your own diversified resources.


This product is for all teachers in all disciplines

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This course contributes to 6.0 professional development hours.


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Module 1 - What is Minecraft?

1 hour

- This module is designed to acquaint educators with what Minecraft actually is, its history and the various versions that they have access to.
- Participants will be asked to share their current experiences with Minecraft and how they came to be aware of the software.

Module 2 - How do I 'play' Minecraft?

1 hour

- Participants are given a range of activities that will guide them through the functions of the game and allow them to begin building Minecraft construction skills
- Participants will be tasked with completing a number of set activities in order to help develop their skills within the game

Module 3 - Getting those skills

1 hour

- Participants will be provided examples of support software that can be used to help facilitate the use of Minecraft in a classroom including presentation software and online support
- Participants will be tasked with filming/creating a tutorial for their students explaining an aspect of the game

Module 4 - Planning your first classroom experience

2 hours

- Participants will explore the use of Minecraft as a tool in the classroom and how to facilitate its use with students
- Participants will be tasked with the creation of a lesson plan/s that involve the integration and utilisation of Minecraft

Module 5 - Where to next?

1 hour

- Participants are exposed to areas of further exploration through Minecraft
- Participants will be asked to choose from a set number of tasks that will require them to explore the use of Minecraft through further, diverse means

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Beginner's Guide to Minecraft in the Classroom
by Ben Hough on 02/11/2017

I thought the course was great. Took quite a few more than 6 hours to complete but well worth it.

Beginner's Guide to Minecraft in the Classroom
by Kim Douglas on 05/10/2017

I found the course to be interesting and did stimulate some ideas for me to incorporate into the classroom .

Beginner's Guide to Minecraft in the Classroom
by Lynette Broad on 21/09/2017

It was a bit confronting as it required a lot of prior knowledge as far as computer competency requirements.

Beginner's Guide to Minecraft in the Classroom
by David Regina on 07/09/2017
An insightful course that clearly demonstrates the potential of Mine Craft as an educational tool. A perfect starting point for teachers that are new to Mine Craft.

About the team

Anthony McDonald


I have been a High School teacher for the last 10 years, specialising in English and HSIE as well as integrating computers and technology into the classroom in new and innovative ways. I am interested in utilising new knowledge and techniques that maximise student engagement and expands student skills for an ever growing and complex world.

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