Gamify Your Classroom: A Practical Guide To Game-Based Learning

David Thomas
Do you need a fresh approach to engage students in their learning? A comprehensive guide in applying gaming to your teaching pedagogy.
Target Audience
Beginning secondary PDHPE teachers or those who want a fresh approach to teaching their subject content.

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This course unpacks Game-Based Learning and how it allows educators to take the concepts and benefits of gaming and combine them with instruction, feedback and practice to develop unique teaching programs and activities and establish an enjoyable and engaging classroom environment.


Beginning secondary PDHPE teachers or those who want a fresh approach to teaching their subject content.

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This course will increase your knowledge and understanding of the gamification of learning. You will learn about the concepts of gamification as well as game formats and elements. Participants will engage in game playing and examine the advantages of using gaming to achieve learning outcomes. You will begin to create your own games that you intend to implements into your classroom.

This course contributes to 5.0 professional development hours.


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Exploring Gamification and Game-Based Learning

2 hours

What exactly is a game? Why play games? What is the difference between “gamification” and “Game-Based Learning”? This session answers these questions and explores the Core Drives that motivate students when playing games and how these drives can be applied in the classroom.

Elements and Formats of Game-Based Learning

45 minutes

Games need to contain a number of key features in order to serve their given purpose in the journey of learning. Elements such as goal-setting, cooperation, feedback, story-telling and many more are explored.

Playing and Evaluating Games

1 hour

Learning through games in action! Participants engage in a variety of games to learn content. These games are then evaluated and discussed of how they can be adapted to meet the needs for a variety of students and subjects.

Implementing Games in Your Classroom

1 hour and 15 minutes

Participants are given the opportunity to collaborate and design an innovative game to enhance the learning experience for students.

What To Bring

Laptop or tablet (preferably laptop)
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About the team

David Thomas


David is a passionate, experienced and enthusiastic PDHPE teacher with over 8 years experience in NSW Schools. He is currently the Senior PDHPE Teacher at Medowie Christian School. David has a strong interest in incorporating ICT across the curriculum to improve outcomes and enjoyment of learning for students. He also serves as the Stage 5 Advisor and has experience in teaching PASS, Mathematics, Drama and Design and Technology. David presents workshops at the PDHPE Teachers Association Annual Conference and desires to continually develop his teaching through collaboration with others.