Understanding Giftedness: An overview of Giftedness

Want to know more about giftedness and gifted children? Passionate about supporting Gifted children? This course is for you! Build on existing knowledge or build the fo...
Target Audience
Early Childhood Educators and Primary Teachers.

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General Description

Throughout this course participants will develop knowledge in relation to Giftedness. On completion participants will have a well developed understanding of Giftedness, enabling them to better support Gifted students in their settings.
The course will cover the following:
- What is Giftedness?
- Who is Gifted?
- What traits or behaviours might you see in young Gifted children?
- Overexcitabilities
- Twice exceptionality (2E)
- Assessment and identification
- Parent voice
- Childs voice
- Strategies
- What does it really mean to be Gifted?
- Where to from here?


Early Childhood Educators and Primary Teachers.

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This course contributes to 6.0 professional development hours.


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What is giftedness?

1 hour

In this session participants will explore the various ways giftedness has been defined and that there is no one agreed upon definition of giftedness.
Here we will also briefly explore the bell curve and cognitive testing.

Who is gifted?

45 minutes

This session prompts educators to think about their own services/settings and the children/students they have contact with.
Participants will explore stereotypical ideas and myths regarding who is gifted. Participants are introduced to gifted children, real-life scenarios and work samples, gaining an insight as to what it really means to be gifted.

What traits or behaviours might you see in young gifted children?

30 minutes

This session details traits and behaviours commonly associated with gifted children.


30 minutes

Here we look at Dabrowskis theories of over excitabilities.

Twice exceptionality (2E)

30 minutes

In this session participants are provided with the opportunity to explore twice exceptionalities gaining an understanding of 2E.

Assessment and identfication.

30 minutes

This session provides participants with an overview of some of the available assessments and possible avenues to assessment. Participants are also shown some examples of cognitive assessment reports.

Parent voice. Child voice.

30 minutes

In this session parents of gifted children share what they wish teachers knew about their children and giftedness. Gifted children also share what they wish teachers knew about themselves and giftedness.


30 minutes

This session outlines various strategies including acceleration and early entry and extension. We also explore options such as child led project work.


30 minutes

This session outlines various strategies including acceleration and early entry and extension. We also explore options such as child led project work.

What does it really mean to be gifted?

45 minutes

Here we re-examine the earlier question giving participants opportunities to reflect on thoughts and knowledge that may have changed.

Where to for help?

15 minutes

This final session provides resources including useful websites, businesses, associations, etc.

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About the team

Natasha Siryj


Natasha Siryj is an Early Childhood Educator who has worked in a variety of settings for almost 10 years. She is passionate about creating a better understanding of, and supporting, Gifted children. Natasha is enthusiastic about educating teachers regarding all things Gifted. She aims to assist others to form a better understanding of what Giftedness actually is, as well as educating about appropriate strategies for supporting Gifted students.
Natasha has 2 children, both have been identified as Gifted. This provides her with a unique insight into the Gifted child. Natasha appreciates and understands the challenges and needs of Gifted children in our current education system from both the teacher, and parent, perspective.
Ms. Siryj is also a trained Primary and Secondary teacher, and has conducted research into Giftedness in the Early Years and teachers’ perceptions via Monash university.

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