TEAM Course: Create collaborative online units for your students

Richard Andrew
Learn to create an online, collaborative unit of work to support your students. Create & implement the unit and share your experiences.
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Two or more high school &/or middle school teachers (not maths teachers)
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This 15-hour-over-16-weeks ONLINE guided learning journey is for high school & middle school teachers who are keen to supplement their classroom teaching with quality, online, collaborative units. Enter this video testimonial link: (Maths teachers need to seek out the more specific ‘Create and Trial a Flipped Maths Unit’ course.)
This is a ‘doing’ experiential course. We assume you already know the advantages of supplementing your classroom teaching with quality, comprehensive online units. Therefore, the focus of the course is on guiding and supporting you to create quality, online units, based on social learning principles, which promote collaboration and inquiry. You will source videos from the web, learn to create quality videos & deliver them via ‘the cloud’, create a quality online unit, trial it with students & report back on your implementation experience. Importantly, the process of navigating the overwhelming number of decisions re software, hardware, platform, Mac/PC/tablet, etc. is greatly simplified.
In order to model the delivery of quality social-online-learning units, an exceptional online platform is required. This course features one such platform – Open Learning – which you may use at no cost. However, you are free to use any platform you choose. Many tutorials are provided across several options. The presenter’s 4000+ hours of experience with creating online units shines through the course.
This TEAM model capitalises on ‘at school’ collaboration between colleagues. Enter this TEAM info link:
Cost: $900 +GST for 1-or-2 people; Extras: $450pp +GST. ‘Perfect Pair’ deal: 2 people to both this course & ‘Create an engaged learning environment with your students’ ($1700 for 2ppl for 2 courses)
The December date enables the course to be completed during the Christmas holidays, finishing mid Term 1.
This is an upgrade of the course ‘Create Collaborative, online Units to support your classroom’.


Two or more high school &/or middle school teachers (not maths teachers)

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This format is designed for TEAMS of teachers because, given the large number of options of software and hardware across varying costs and the number of decisions which need to be made when first creating an online collaborative unit, participants ideally need to collaborate with another colleague face-to-face. Hence the $900 for 1 or 2 people pricing structure. More advantageous is the option to enrol all teachers of a school wanting to create online units. (Maths teachers: google the course Create and trial a Flipped Mathematics Unit) IMPORTANT NOTE: The temptation is to enrol 2 people into the course and “Have them teach the rest of us”. It doesn’t work. A couple of hours showing skills face to face is incomparable to completing this comprehensive 4-month guided learning journey.

This course contributes to 15.0 professional development hours.


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Create collaborative online units for your students
by Gyan Mudaliar on 14/08/2017

I enjoyed the course very much and to be very frank I learnt a lot about the collaborative unit. I will give the course a rating of excellent because it has been very friendly and hugely informative.

The delivery format was through online learning platform and I enjoyed every bit of the use of this platform because it provided me an opportunity to discuss issues using the comments section and get instant feedback. The way the contents are organised and presented is quite versatile and I will recommend this course to any teacher who wishes to create innovation in teaching and also harbour engagement in learning.

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Richard Andrew


Richard has taught in 3 states and territories of Australia over the past 25 years and has been Head of Mathematics at Oxford Falls Grammar School for 6 years. He has developed a teaching style which is interactive and relational, directed yet open ended, and which fosters individual progression, higher-order thinking, and collaborative learning. Richard is a passionate campaigner for conceptual learning; his professional journey continues to lead him to discover more and more ways of teaching mathematics conceptually and he delights in sharing these with other teachers.