TEAM course: Create an engaged learning environment with your students

Richard Andrew
Enrol with several colleagues; collaboratively create engaged learning environments in your classrooms. Insightful videos, readings and easy-to-implement strategies. Fo...
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Teams of 3-20+ teachers from the same middle and/or high school.

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This 15-hour-over-16-weeks ONLINE guided learning journey is for TEAMS of experienced & inexperienced high/middle school teachers, who are seeking to create quality learning environments in their classrooms. (Maths TEAMS should seek out the ‘Engagement - Winning over your maths class’ course.)
The course is ideal for you if any of the following scenarios apply: You wish that your students were more engaged; Too much of your time with a class is spent ‘playing cop’; Many of your students take little responsibility for their learning; You have lost your passion; Your students prevent you from engaging them because they force you to be ‘on edge’; You have ‘nice’ students but they expect you to ‘do most of the work’.
The course demonstrates how the processes of rapport with students, quality engagement, authentic control, targeted praise & a well-scaffolded student-centred approach each are instrumental for the engagement of students to occur. It is comprehensively facilitated and is self-paced, with 24/7 access.
A key feature is the use of 14 excellent, strategy-laden videos showcasing teachers in action with students and in collaboration with a consultant. The videos are insightful and feature easy-to-implement strategies relevant to all subject areas.
Deep reflection on quality content, interaction with colleagues, the implementation of strategies and the reporting of implementation experiences are what make this course a powerful agent of change for participants.
The TEAM model capitalises on the collaboration between TEAM members onsite. One TEAM member – usually a HOD – assumes the leadership role & in addition to the presenter, provides support & encouragement.
Cost: $450 pp +GST for 3 or more people. Perfect Pair Deal: 2 people to both this course & ‘Create Collaborative Online Units’ ($1700pp for 2 courses)
The course is a major upgrade of ‘Motivating, Engaging and managing Students Effectively’. From an accreditation perspective, this is a new course.


Teams of 3-20+ teachers from the same middle and/or high school.

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This is the TEAM Model version of this course suitable for 3+ members from te same school and one member assuming a leadership role. The presenter leader will liaise with the TEAM Leader.

This course contributes to 15.0 professional development hours.


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Richard Andrew


Richard has taught in 3 states and territories of Australia over the past 25 years and has been Head of Mathematics at Oxford Falls Grammar School for 6 years. He has developed a teaching style which is interactive and relational, directed yet open ended, and which fosters individual progression, higher-order thinking, and collaborative learning. Richard is a passionate campaigner for conceptual learning; his professional journey continues to lead him to discover more and more ways of teaching mathematics conceptually and he delights in sharing these with other teachers.