Civil Rights in the USA 1945 - 1968 (HSC)

Lubna Haddad
All things History, teacher training and student workshops.
Rosa and Martin led the civil rights movement. So why do we still need “Black Lives Matter”? The day will offer teaching ideas, resources and assessment approaches.
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Stages 5 and 6 History teachers. English teachers.

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Two decades of the most tumultuous and unprecedented period of American history and the dream himself, MLK.


Stages 5 and 6 History teachers.
English teachers.

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Teacher engagement and participation without the distractions of home and school.

This course contributes to 5.0 professional development hours.


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Session 1 - Who's Jim Crow?

1 hour

This session will focus on the historical background and context of segregation and institutionalised racism in the USA. There is also a focus on the social and cultural acceptance of slavery and the cultural and social development of black identity.

Session 2 - Civil rights - methods and challenges

2 hours

This session will look at the different aims, methods and challenges faced by civil rights activism and activists fighting for equality and end of segregation.

Session 3 - Achievements and MLK

2 hours

This session focuses on the different methods (violent and non-violent) employed by groups and individuals to challenge legal, political and social racial policies. It also looks specifically at MLK and his role in advocating for civil rights, political connections and an evaluation of his impact.

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About the team

Lubna Haddad


Lubna passionately taught History and Legal Studies for 17 years, marked the HSC as well as SC marking and judging. She has presented at the National AHTA Conference on Leni Riefenstahl and Germany. Lubna worked for 10 years as Head of HSIE, and was heavily involved with teacher training and mentoring, particularly focused on curriculum and assessment implementation and differentiation. Most recently, Lubna focused on students’ essay writing and HOT skills and runs HSC revision seminars, skills workshops and online tutoring.
Currently, Lubna is working at the Independent Education Union (NSW/ACT) and is part of Educational Issues and Women’s committees.