Modern History HSC - Core - Power and Authority in the Modern World 1919 - 1946

Lubna Haddad
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When democracy fails, dictatorships emerge and warmongering begins. How did the Nazi dictatorship (and Russia and Japan) redefine power and authority in the early 20th...
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Essential for new and existing Modern History teachers to deliver the CORE HSC topic with Nazi Germany as the core study.

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The course is designed to cover the now core topic of the new Modern History syllabus.


Essential for new and existing Modern History teachers to deliver the CORE HSC topic with Nazi Germany as the core study.

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This format is well suited to obtain lots of historical information quickly and comprehensively. It is also a great way to network with other teachers and engage in professional conversations without the distractions of day to day school.

This course contributes to 5.0 professional development hours.


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Syllabus changes and Rise of Dictatorships

1 hour and 30 minutes

This session focuses on the syllabus changes for the core HSC topic and ways to approach it.
Followed by an examination of the historical context the post WWI period and the circumstances which led to the creation of dictatoriships in Japan, Italy and Russia.

Nazi Germany to 1939

3 hours

This session will focus through the use of historical sources on the early years of Nazis in power, their mass appeal and gradual Nazification of Germany and its impact. It will include historical debates and teaching/learning/assessment approaches.

Dictatorships versus peace and security

1 hour and 30 minutes

This session will examine the broader goals and threats of Japanese and Nazi dictatorships and the challenges they presented in a world searching for peace and security through the League of Nations.

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Lubna Haddad


Lubna is an experienced and passionate teacher of History and Legal Studies. She has been Head of Department for 10 years, and has been heavily involved in teacher training, having completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership (UNSW). Lubna has marked HSC MH since 2002, SC History for 5 years and was appointed Judge for SC History/Geography examination in 2010/11. She has also presented at the National HHTA Conference on Leni Riefenstahl and Germany as the national study. Her current focus is delivering student HSC revision seminars, source analysis and essay writing workshops in schools as well as online tutoring. For the last few years, she has succeeded in invigorating and differentiating the history curriculum for her students with responsible use of ICTs and to suit multiple intelligences. She is also very keen on sharing strategies to aid new teachers in delivering HSC Ancient and Modern History.