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Caitlin Gleeson
Psychology consultant and performance coach
In this cutting-edge course we go beyond the basics, and learn how personality shapes the way we can engage and motivate our students to reach their peak potential.
Target Audience
All primary and secondary teachers who wish to unlock their personal and professional potential. Senior leaders who wish to gain a greater understanding of how to best manage themselves and engage members of their team.

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As individuals, we are all motivated, engaged, and energised in very different ways based on our unique personalities. Yet we are often only provided with a ‘one size fits all’ tool box to engage our students, which undercuts our potential to truly help them unlock their peak performance.

In this cutting-edge course we go beyond the basics, and deep dive into the latest research into the role that personality plays in shaping the way that we can best engage and motivate our students.

You will be empowered to understand how your own unique personality influences your motivation, engagement, and performance under pressure, as well as how to cascade these strategies down to your students. As a result, this course provides invaluable skills for both personal and professional performance and wellbeing.

You will be equipped with the latest tools from psychology and neuroscience to understand:

- The latest research behind which particular ‘motivational profiles’ stimulate the highest level of engagement, and practical strategies to cultivate motivation in students on the basis of these profiles

- The neuroscience of introversion and extroversion, with applied techniques to engage and support the 50% of your class who may currently be struggling to fulfil their potential due to their introverted personalities

- Critical stress management skills to help both you and your students perform under pressure, and innovative methods to help your students actually use stress to their advantage during high pressure situations

- How to identify whether your students are ‘high burners’ or ‘low burners’, with customised emotion management strategies to ensure that they can consistently perform at their peak potential


All primary and secondary teachers who wish to unlock their personal and professional potential.
Senior leaders who wish to gain a greater understanding of how to best manage themselves and engage members of their team.

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This course contributes to 6.0 professional development hours.


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Introduction & Overview

15 minutes

We begin the day with an introduction of the core concepts that you will learn, and the takeaway tools that you will be equipped with. You will have the opportunity to establish your personal objectives for what you wish to gain from the day.

[Lecture & Group Discussion]

Unlocking Peak Motivation

1 hour and 30 minutes

Motivation is one of the most important foundations for achievement, engagement, and growth. We begin the module with an exploration of how to best motivate both ourselves and our students using core tenets of Self-Determination and Growth Mindset theories. We then take a deeper dive into the latest science behind different types of ‘motivational profiles’, and explore the key strategies that we can use to identify and engage with the different motivational profiles of our students. Finally, we explore practical strategies to help cultivate our own levels of motivation, based on our new knowledge about our own unique personalities.

[Lecture, Group Discussion, Group Activity]

Engaging the Mind: A deep dive into personality

1 hour and 30 minutes

Today’s educational settings are naturally geared towards engaging students and teachers with extroverted personalities. Unfortunately, this inclination means that we are often not unlocking the full potential of the 50% of students who are more introverted in nature.

In this deep dive module, we explore the neuroscience of introversion, and learn how to create high performing classrooms which cater to these often misunderstood personality types. You will be equipped with practical, evidence based strategies to better engage with and support your introverted students.

Finally, you will gain a greater understanding of how your own personality style influences your energy and engagement, and learn what types of customised energy and wellbeing management strategies you should be implementing based on this newfound information.

[Lecture, Group Discussion, Group Activity]

Performing Under Pressure: How to use stress to your advantage

1 hour and 30 minutes

All the education in the world cannot help us if we don’t know how to control our stress when we encounter moments of pressure.

This module is the only training offering of its kind which not only empowers you with a better understanding of how stress really works, but also equips you with practical strategies to actually use it to your advantage. You will learn about the different types of ‘Stress Profiles’, how to identify whether your students perform better or worse when they are placed under pressure, and be equipped with key customised strategies to ensure you and your students can always perform at your peak potential.

[Lecture, Group Discussion, Group Activity]

Wrap Up: Insights and action plans

15 minutes

We will wrap up the day with an opportunity to reflect on the insights that we have gained, and formulate an action plan for implementing this new arsenal of knowledge to enhance both our personal and professional lives.

[Group Discussion, Individual Task].

What To Bring

A pen and an open mind!

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About the team

Caitlin Gleeson


Caitlin is a consultant, trainer, and presenter who specialises in psychological performance, resilience, and wellbeing. She is the managing director of INSPIRIT Psychology Solutions, and holds a first class honours degree in Psychology from the University of Sydney. Caitlin offers a unique blend of training and coaching experience which sits at the intersection of management consulting, clinical developmental psychology, educational coaching, and health and fitness.