Boost engagement and motivation in your class with Zeetings

Transform your PDFs and Powerpoint presentations into interactive and dynamic lessons for your students.
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Add Zeetings to your classroom and your students will love you. This simple tool will transform your presentations.

Powerpoints and PDFs are a popular tool utilised by teachers to present lesson information and content to their students. What if you could transform these presentations by making them interactive and dynamic? Well you can, using Zeetings, which is a powerful presentation tool that empowers your students to get involved directly from their own device in real-time.

Zeetings allows you to run live Q & As; conduct real-time polls with 5 question formats; run a survey; do a class brainstorm and more. Students can also follow the slides as you present them and take notes so they don’t miss a thing. All this interactivity is added directly into your presentation making for a more engaging and motivating lesson. Also, your students can use Zeetings for their presentations too!

This course will teach you how to use Zeetings, and how to create your own dynamic lesson content using the Zeetings’ technology. Best practice ideas about how to get students involved and how to boost engagement in the classroom will also be shared.

At the end of the course, you will receive a voucher for a 50% discount on Zeetings membership.

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Educators & Teachers

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Teaching Standards

2.6.2 Proficient Level – Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
3.5.2 Proficient Level – Use effective classroom communication
3.6.2 Proficient Level – Evaluate and improve teaching programs

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Completing this course will contribute 6 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 2.6.2, 3.5.2 & 3.6.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

This course contributes to 6.0 professional development hours.


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Boost Engagement and Motivation in Your Class With Zeetings - Karina Barley

Quality was good, just a bit too much youtube for my liking

Boost Engagement and Motivation in Your Class With Zeetings - Karina Barley

This course contained some very useful information, some of which I could utilise

Boost Engagement and Motivation in Your Class With Zeetings - Karina Barley

The course has shown me another way to deliver content to the class, making it more interactive for the students.

Boost Engagement and Motivation in Your Class With Zeetings - Karina Barley

It was very relevant. It clearly showed how the Zeetings platform worked.

Boost Engagement and Motivation in Your Class With Zeetings - Karina Barley


Boost engagement and motivation in your class with Zeetings
by Emma Andrews on 04/12/2017

This was a very informative course that was easy to get through. I can see myself using zeetings in the classroom in a variety of different ways. I believe that the students will engage with it as it something that the would not have seen before.

Boost engagement and motivation in your class with Zeetings
by Kylie Ma on 14/11/2017

A comprehensive and informative guide with easy to understand steps for teachers of all ages and technical abilities. The use of visuals in a video format was very effective as Zeetings is an online-based application.

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Transform your meetings, presentations, lessons and events by empowering everyone to participate from their own device.

Karina Barley


Karen Barley is an internationally recognized educational consultant specializing in the needs of children with autism and their families. She has over 30 years of expertise as an educator, private one-on-one consultant, course developer and educational technology specialist.
Karen is especially successful connecting with children who have autism and creating behavioral, sensory and educational strategies that help children reach their full potential. Her highly personable style, combined with extensive research, knowledge and firsthand experience of the needs of children with autism, makes her extremely effective and innovative in tailoring individual solutions for families and their schools. Using new and existing approaches Karen integrates her pioneering work with iPad technology to create differentiated educational programs where children with autism can consistently experience success while learning.

In addition, Ms. Barley is an accomplished and engaging, sought after public speaker and teacher trainer. She has shared her significant insights and knowledge on such subjects as, Technology in Education, Technology and Autism, Autism Awareness, 21st Century Learning, Technology and Curriculum Development and other subjects in the United States, Australia and as a keynote guest speaker for international face to face and online conferences.

She is now undertaking her PHD and is a sessional teacher at Monash University.