Teach the Story of Our Stuff

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Teach your Year 7 to 10 students how to use a Life Cycle Assessment to analyse the environmental impact of everyday products.
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Secondary teachers, curriculum leaders and others teaching Design and Technologies to Years 7 to Year 10 students.
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Teach your students to evaluate the environmental impact of products through a Life Cycle Assessment.

You’ll find out about each stage of a Life Cycle Assessment, which is used by industry across the globe. You’ll learn about the environmental impacts of design, production and consumption. You’ll analyse a range of products and build your confidence to teach the process to students.

Watch videos and explore a range of teaching resources, documents and websites that you can use straight away. Download a course handout to refer to anytime. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be able to teach product life cycles in Years 7 to 10 students and share your learning with others.


Secondary teachers, curriculum leaders and others teaching Design and Technologies to Years 7 to Year 10 students.

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A short online course is delivered over 1-3 weeks in duration and is worth 2-3 PD hrs depending on the course content and its objectives. Participants will not need to take time off, the course date is the START date only, end dates will be advertised with course hours. Learn more HERE.

This course is an updated version of ‘Life Cycle Thinking’ - http://tta.edu.au/products/1528

Watch videos, enjoy short activities and explore free resources. Learn anytime, anywhere – this course is accessible for 2 weeks.

This course contributes to 2.0 professional development hours.


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1. Introduction

10 minutes

Introduce yourself to the course group and find out how to link classroom learning to what is happening in industries across the world.

2. Life Cycle Assessment

20 minutes

Learn about each stage of a Life Cycle Assessment and evaluate environmental impact by analysing the life cycle of paper.

3. Bottled Water

30 minutes

Build your confidence to teach Life Cycle Assessment by exploring the life cycle of a plastic water bottle. Consider eco-design features and alternatives that will reduce a plastic bottle’s environmental impact.

4. Your Teaching

40 minutes

Get support for teaching Life Cycle Assessments. Access a range of lesson plans that you can use straight away. Hear from two designers who have used a Life Cycle Assessment to reduce the environmental impact of their products.

5. Reflection

20 minutes

Use a fun planning tool to think about your learning and consider your next steps.

Further Study

No duration specified

After you’ve completed the course, you are welcome to explore these bonus lessons to deepen your learning.

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Teach The Story Of Our Stuff

While the course was very short, it did allow for some great content relating to the Life Cycle of Products and the potential environment impact that all things may have. it provides very good extension activities.

Teach The Story Of Our Stuff
by Rob Cohen on 18/04/2017

LCA resources are difficult to find and when you do find them sometimes they are too technical for effective student engagement. This course was pitched a level that I could use some of the ideas straight away with my students and the resources are easily accessible.

Teach The Story Of Our Stuff
by Catherine Kaissis on 18/04/2017

The activities, videos, resources and strategies provide a wide variety of ideas for teachers to use in a range of specialisations.

Teach the Story of Our Stuff
by Joel Kelly on 06/12/2016

Very useful course with some enlightening information presented on sustainability. Also some valuable resources gained to use to incorporate in lessons.

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Kirsty helps teachers grow in their profession. She is the Head of Professional Development at Cool Australia, inspiring hundreds of educators each year. Kirsty shares her 15+ years of teaching and training experience. In her courses, she creates a dynamic space for teachers to be creative and curious. She builds teacher confidence and makes information relevant, helpful and powerful. Kirsty also has a background in communication and talking to people about change.