Teacher Resilience and Wellbeing

Are stressful events at school keeping you up at night? Bring your best self to the classroom and the staffroom - build teacher resilience, decrease work stress and mai...
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This event is suitable for teachers and aides at any stage of their career and is particularly beneficial for beginning teachers (pre-service to 5 years).
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Celebrity Teacher gives you the confidence to bring your best self to the classroom and the staffroom. Register in our Introductory Workshop: Teacher Resilience and Wellbeing and renew your commitment to prioritising self-care, collaboration and maintaining a sustainable life-work balance.
Celebrity Teacher draws on the latest research in teacher retention, resilience and wellbeing, and positive psychology. Each session will unpack some of the barriers that teachers experience at school and reflect on past critical moments. Strategies are discussed and practised to improve future action.


This event is suitable for teachers and aides at any stage of their career and is particularly beneficial for beginning teachers (pre-service to 5 years).

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This workshop includes a large amount of group discussion, that enables collaborative learning and collegial support. Where consent is given, individual responses to activities are workshopped and explored in a safe environment. Previous participant feedback has highlighted the value of humour and fun that the presenter generates, making difficult topics accessible and relatable.

This course contributes to 5.0 professional development hours.


There are no occurrences of Face to Face - Individual in Australia (NSW) at this time.


Surfacing Beliefs

1 hour and 30 minutes

This session unpacks research relating to teacher resilience and introduces a framework of seven resilience factors, on which the rest of the day is based. The foundational skill of ‘Learning your ABCs’ is practised in a group coaching activity, which demonstrates the connection between beliefs, emotions and behaviour – promoting effective emotion regulation. Group discussion is held on the effectiveness of our own beliefs about teaching and learning.

Flexible Thinking

1 hour and 30 minutes

This session unpacks seven common thinking traps that diminish our capability to problem-solve. We discuss ways of flexing around these thinking styles and explore assertive communication strategies to respond effectively rather than react impulsively. A number of interpersonal communication and classroom management techniques are practised – enhancing teacher wellbeing by being more resourceful in times of high stress.

Hope & Optimism

1 hour

Sometimes our self-confidence can be diminished through workplace stress. In this session we focus on building confidence and self-belief in our role as teachers. We reflect on the values that both drive our decision-making and shape a sense of vocational calling that can sustain us during times of adversity. Three Positive Psychology exercises promote healthy work habits through positive self-talk and realistic optimism. Participants also practise the craft of saying ‘no’ professionally to avoid burnout.

Positive Relationships

1 hour

Collaboration and professional networking are foundational to effective teaching and learning. This session explores the skills of empathic conversation and the importance of having the courage and vulnerability to connect authentically with staff, students and parents. Participants complete an action plan of proactive strategies drawn from the day and set a short-term goal for reaching out to enhance teacher resilience & wellbeing.

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A pen.

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Teacher Resilience and Wellbeing
by Sonia Crockett on 15/12/2016

Depends on previous experience with mental health.

Teacher Resilience and Wellbeing

Wonderfully casual and enjoyable and worthwhile.

Teacher Resilience and Wellbeing

Highly engaging & enthusiastic.

Teacher Resilience and Wellbeing

Knew his content well. Good examples throughout.

Teacher Resilience and Wellbeing

Booklet was a good resource.

About the team

Dean McManus


Dean McManus is a highly regarded resilience coach and presenter with extensive experience in primary/secondary music teaching across varied educational settings over 19 years, including in rural and special education. Dean is an experienced trainer, previously working with Mind Matters (Principals Australia Institute) presenting to school communities across Australia on the importance of a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing.
Dean retrained in psychology at Charles Sturt University, where his honours research focused on barriers to learning experienced by tertiary students identifying as having a mental health disability. In 2013 he established Celebrity Teacher as a professional learning provider for teachers, focusing on teacher resilience and wellbeing.
His flagship program is endorsed by BOSTES (Board of Studies, Teaching & Educational Standards NSW) and Teacher Quality Institute (TQI ACT), an acknowledgement of the importance of teacher resilience to retention, providing tools for teachers to manage their demanding role.
Dean is licensed to use and interpret the MTQ48 Mental Toughness Measure and Development Program by AQR Ltd (UK) and is a certified professional coach through the Life Coaching Academy, an accredited coach training program with the International Coach Federation.
In addition to presenting Teacher Resilience and Mental Toughness programs across Australia, Dean has delivered keynote addresses at the Redbank Conference and Aspect Australia Leadership Conference in NSW.

Celebrity Teacher


Dean McManus.

he pays for his own venues and we are setting up this for the venues associated with these courses