Nuts and Bolts- Programming and Assessment for Year 7 & 8 Visual Arts

Debra Kenworthy
Build a motivating scope & sequence with assessment tasks to engage students in Visual Arts. Develop strategies to confidently differentiate & provide meaningful feedba...
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Visual Arts teachers
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Strategies and methods for planning programs and assessment for art history/criticism and making in the Visual Arts. Teachers will learn how to build a scope and sequence that, when delivered, allows students to develop a strong foundation of knowledge. Simulated marking activities will allow teachers to gain practical tips and methods for assessing students written and practical work.


Visual Arts teachers

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Hands on Assessment workshops.

This course contributes to 5.0 professional development hours.


There are no occurrences of Face to Face - Individual in Australia (NSW) at this time.


Building a Scope and Sequence

1 hour

Examine the key areas of the Syllabus to include in the Scope and Sequence and Assessment Schedule.


1 hour

Examine varied art making forms to cover and cater for a wide range of learning abilities to build a solid foundation of art making skills.

Art Criticism and Art History

1 hour

Linking Art Criticism and Art History to Art Practice when building a scope and sequence.

Assessment Strategies for Year 7 and 8 Visual Art

1 hour

Designing tasks that address the assessment outcomes and allow students to succeed at varying levels.

Hands on assessment workshop

1 hour

Experience working in groups to assess Year 7 and 8 student written and practical work using assessment criteria to differentiate tasks.

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Nuts and Bolts- Programming and Assessment for Year 7 & 8 Visual Arts

Content excellent and applicable to classroom practice. We had hands on work. Practice in Marking was great.

Nuts and Bolts- Programming and Assessment for Year 7 & 8 Visual Arts
by Laura Fuentes on 11/05/2016

Very practical and relevant. So many useful ideas and valuable discussions plus practices marking assessments and writing scopes and sequences. I found Debra to be engaging, informative, helpful and extremely experienced.

Nuts and Bolts- Programming and Assessment for Year 7 & 8 Visual Arts
by Avryl Queffert on 11/05/2016

Very pleasant, approachable and helpful. Content was 100% classroom-relevant with examples and tasks that can be put into practice tomorrow. Outstanding!

About the team

Debra Kenworthy


Debra is a passionate Visual Arts educator and Head teacher who holds a Bachelor and Masters of Art Education. She has continually engaged in learning and delivering Visual Arts and Design content over the last 30 years with teaching experience spanning adult, single sex and co-ed education in both rural and metropolitan schools. Debra has had experience marking the practical and written HSC exam. Programming, assessment and quality teaching methods, to suit a wide range of abilities and school environments are of particular interest. Debra’s specialty artmaking skills lie within painting and photography and currently teaches in a Mid North Coast school in NSW.