STEM ready: Programmes

This course outlines the strengths of STEM learning and the challenges of implementing STEM in schools.Showcasing STEM units with hands on construction,testing & modify...
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Secondary Technology teachers

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STEM is now in the spotlight. Both the government and the private sector agree on the importance of STEM as an integrated learning framework. STEM at its best is project based and design driven, giving students the freedom to be creative in applying solutions to real world problems. This one day course outlines the strengths of STEM learning as well as the challenges of implementing STEM in schools. How is STEM best approached in your school? This course outlines the kinds of work units can be considered successful as STEM projects. Some STEM units of work will be showcased and appraised with an opportunity for hands on construction, testing and modifying.


Secondary Technology teachers

Available Delivery Formats

This course contributes to 5.0 professional development hours.


There are no occurrences of Face to Face - Individual in Australia (NSW) at this time.


Presentation and discussion

1 hour

The nature of STEM
-Why STEM?
-STEM delivery models for schools
-Challenges of STEM
-Design driven STEM
-What makes a good STEM project.

Three approaches:

4 hours

1 Modifying an existing project:
Ecolamp (1hour)

2 Contained STEM project:
Skylap: introdution, demonstration, making, testing, recording. (2 hours)

3 Open ended design challenge in design teams. Presentation (1hour)

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About the team

Merrick Russell


Merrick Russell is a qualified educator with a B.I.D and M. Ed. He began his career as an industrial designer working on the styling of motor yachts. Since then he has been teaching Design and Technology and brings over 15 years of classroom experience. Over the past 10 years he has conducted various teacher training courses through University of Sydney, AIS and TTA. Above all he is passionate about developing creativity in the classroom.

Stem by Design


STEM by Design is a collaboration between Designability, TTA, CODECAMP and Worklearner. We are currently looking for funding partners. The goal of this program is to bring best practice STEM education to Australian classrooms through inspirational Design Project programming, teacher professional development, room design and IT infrastructure support. The program has been developed by some of Australia’s leading educators and we hope to begin running a full school pilot in 2016.