Formative Teaching Intensive Workshop

Allison Pegus
the power of experience
This is a fast moving 2.5 hour interactive and practical workshop in formative teaching practices.
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Teachers K-12
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General Description

Core Area Focus: Student Engagement & Learning
Learn powerful strategies for determining and then activating student prior knowledge and targeting your instruction, grouping and lesson or unit sequences to: work from the known to the unknown with students.

Adapt your feedback frequency and teaching style and understand the student learning needs and behaviours when dealing with learning new material in contrast to other types of practice or learning.

Recognise the opportunities for assessing your effectiveness as you go.

We look in depth at several versatile and tested strategies that build the teacher as evaluator mindset and inform their work immediately in practical ways.


Teachers K-12

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Format Description

This is a fast moving 2.5 hour interactive and practical workshop
on formative teaching practices.

This course contributes to 2.5 professional development hours.


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Practical Assessment Landscape

1 hour and 15 minutes

Teachers' mind frames and school context
What the research tells us about assessment
Effect size and practices that emerge
Using the effect size measure for teaching or school practice

Concept and Prior Knowledge
Effective design for hooking engagement – models for classrooms

3 Versatile and Powerful Assessment Practices

1 hour and 15 minutes

Looking through student eyes – student feedback methods that work

Creative collaborative moderation

Individual accountability for students
For teachers: Know your students and how they learn.

Practical session that is high in engagement.

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PD Coordinator
by Penelope Field on 28/09/2015

Thought-provoking professional development which allowed staff to reflect upon their current practices. Excellent demonstration of effective classroom techniques – it’s good to see presenters presenting the way we want teachers to teach.

Duty Principal Karabar High School

Allison’s session took a short time to warm up (the audience) but she gave us tools that could be easily used. She engaged all, and demonstrated her methods with all of us.

About the team

Allison Pegus


Allison is TTA’s Professional Learning Manager for Onsite Services.

She works as a full time Learning Professional in education and training in Australia and internationally.

Allison designs and conducts school workshops in Student Engagement, Teacher Judgement and Building Collaborative Expertise in Schools.

Or have Allison work with you to create a consultancy especially for your school goal, staff.

As first and foremost an expert teacher and facilitator Allison has maintained her focus on teaching and learning, curriculum design and delivery and teacher quality from multiple perspectives.

Allison’s work with schools is informed also from her leadership and management background:
• Principal of Australian independent primary schools
• Consultant with the Association of Independent Schools NSW,
• Director of Tournament of Minds NSW,
• State President and Chair of Professional Development with the Independent Heads Associations NSW & Tas
• National Executive Member of Australian Primary Principals Association of Australia, APPA, for 6 years.
• School Evaluation Team Leader and Workshop leader for the International Baccalaureate in the Asia-Pacific region.

Allison has a B.Ed. and M.Ed. in Language and Learning and she is a Certified Professional Coach and MBTI Practitioner.

She founded, Learning Professional Consulting in 2012.