Making Adjustments that will support children with Behaviour Issues in Primary School

Polly Drezins
Educational Specialist for Children with Special Needs
Target disruptive behaviour in the classroom with effective adjustments. Develop a fresh approach to the way you look at the behaviour children exhibit.....and how to s...
Target Audience
All Primary School Teachers.
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General Description

This course will teach participants to look at the underlying reasons for behaviour a child may present with and how to make adjustments accordingly.
Challenging behaviour can disrupt so many aspects of schooling, however when a fresh approach on how to address the behaviour is taken, learning can be restored to the classroom.


All Primary School Teachers.

Available Delivery Formats

Format Description

Join your colleagues coming from many individual schools and sectors for these short 2-hour after school PD sessions.

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Face to Face will an appropriate way to demonstrate situations and how they can be altered with the appropriate adjustments.

This course contributes to 2.0 professional development hours.


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Module 1: Behaviours we see in schools

10 minutes

Participants share the types of behaviours they have seen in the schools they are working in.
Discussion about the severity of behaviour, the frequency and type of behaviour that affects other children and staff the most.

Module 2: Grouping Behaviour

10 minutes

How can the behaviour be grouped?
For example :
- Safety
- Irritating
- Disruptive
- Avoidance
- Argumentative
Participants can add additional areas that behaviour can be grouped.
Does the frequency and intensity of the behaviour make a difference?
Does a diagnosis make a difference?

Module 3: The Magic Question

10 minutes

This section will teach participants to focus on the magic question that will help them unlock the solution to behaviour issues in the classroom.
The participants will learn how to pinpoint the one area that is the most important to be worked on to assist the child in their behaviour support,

Module 4: What IS the Behaviour that Requires Adjustment?

20 minutes

Participants will learn how to identify a specific behaviour and be able to clearly name it.
Naming the behaviour is an important part in this process.
They will then learn to analyse the behaviour and various elements of the behaviour, regardless of the type of behaviour.
Demonstration and practice provided in the session.

Module 5: Creating the Solution

30 minutes

This session shows the participants how to take an identified behaviour and find solutions to minimise that behaviour. The aim is to reduce the frequency and intensity of the behaviour.
Many examples will be shared that will provide tangible solutions to reduce behaviour in the classroom.
Participants will be encouraged to share their ideas for solutions, things that have worked, things that have not worked.

Module 6: Putting the Solution into Practice

30 minutes

Participants will learn:
How to involve children in the solution.
How to use a systematic approach for children that are new to the school and are exhibiting behaviour (especially Kindergarten children)
The key feature that applies to nearly all displays of behaviour.
Recording the adjustments that are made for a child and sharing them with parents and other staff members.

Module 7: Reflection on Practise

10 minutes

Participants reflect and share ideas with each other about the approaches that have been discussed.

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About the team

Polly Drezins


After spending my early years as a class teacher in the East End of London and Inner West Primary schools in Sydney, I made the move into Special Education specialising in holistic approaches to the education of children with autism working at Giant Steps Sydney. It was at Giant Steps after working closely with Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Music Therapists and Play Therapists that I truly identified the necessity to look at the “whole” child when working with them. Since leaving Giant Steps I have utilised the skills learnt in a variety of Special Education settings as well as through private consultations with clients.

Now I realise that all the skills learnt over the years are applicable to so many children with a range of learning difficulties. They work particularly well with those children that are not eligible for funding but struggle so much in all academic areas at school. I have devised systematic ways to instruct children in academic areas while at the same time ensuring they are developing across all areas including spatial awareness, body awareness and social skills. Now my commitment is to assist children that are not achieving at school, or those that are likely to have trouble when they start school by helping pinpoint the reasons why they are not achieving and helping to devise programs to meet those needs.

My firm belief is that the key to ensuring children succeed at school is that they have fully developed the foundation skills required for further learning before attempting learning content that is beyond their capabilities.

I have had a lot of training experience and have a Masters qualification in Adult Training as well as a Masters in Special Education. I have launched a Facebook Page called Special Needs Action Plans that has attracted over 8,000 followers in it’s first month. I also have a Website which contains blogs, products and additional information.

I currently work part time as a Special Education Teacher in Catholic Schools as well as running my own business as an Educational Specialist. I would love to provide training to class teachers to help them assist the children in their classes that may require a different approach to learning.

Professional Experience:
• Academic Co-ordinator and Training Manager in Special Needs School.
• Assistant to the Director in Special Needs School.
• Team Leader in Special Needs School.
• Private Consulting work with parents and their children.
• Consultation and co-working with Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Music Therapists and Vision Therapists.
• Special Education Teacher in a regular primary school.
• Visiting Integration Teacher
• Direct service of programs through Teleschool. i.e. Skype
• Wide experience of referral process for students to a range of professionals.
• Identifying students that can receive funding.
• Training of Teacher Aides/Learning Support Assistants.
• Providing Individual Programs for children with a variety of Special Needs.
• Developing Specialised Maths Programs for children with Special Needs.