Further your GeoGebra skills

Richard Andrew
Extend your expertise with GeoGebra with this collaborative online course. NOTE: Email TTA before enrolling to ensure the course is suitable for you.
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All secondary mathematics teachers.
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This 10 hour, 8-week online course is for High School Mathematics teachers who are proficient with GeoGebra and who want to learn more (see prerequisite skills). A sequel to the highly successful ‘Dynamic Geometry and Algebra with GeoGebra’ (now called ‘GeoGebra: Become a proficient, inspired practitioner’, the course is an excellent opportunity for participants to become immersed in an extended, creative GeoGebra exploration. The facilitator’s experience in creating and facilitating online courses has resulted in a course which 1) offers participants lots of choice in what to learn and 2) maximises the benefits participants gain from each other. Participants receive numerous files and resources and have access to videos explaining how the files were made.
Prerequisite GeoGebra skills list: (Contact TTA before applying) Familiarity with creating basic structures (parallel and perpendicular lines, rays and segments, circles, polygons) measuring angles and areas, plotting points, utilising the blank canvas, cartesian plane and algebra region, and utilising the hide-show and slider features.
Applicants need to contact TTA before enrolling into the course. We need to ensure that the course is a good match for you and we need to explain in detail the way the course works.
Accredited PD Hrs = 10


All secondary mathematics teachers.

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Course Access - This course is available 24/7. Begin the course when it suits you. After completing the course you will still have ongoing access to review content.

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Participants will work collaboratively, learning off each other via the comments written and the ‘how I made this file’ videos. Files and resources will be implemented with students and implementation experiences reported back to the course.

A visually simple example containing some added novelty. It was created by past participant Anne Wolkowitsch and is a classic example of a teacher’s creativity being unleashed through GeoGebra.

This course contributes to 10.0 professional development hours.


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Session One: Introduction

30 minutes

Background information to the course.
Choosing your desired area of interest for the course (what you intend to learn, create, achieve).

Session Two: GeoGebra Tutorials (Skill reminders)

30 minutes

Note: This session contains pre-requisite skills and is offered as an extra session, hence there is no time allocated.

- A refresher of some important skill applications:
- Dynamic text
- Using sliders, etc
- The Hide-Show tool
- Fixing multi-word text to objects

Session Three: Creating ’Explain’ Videos

1 hour and 30 minutes

A requirement of the course is to demonstrate how you created your files and/or the thinking behind your resources via screen videos. (In itself this is an important skill to have for any mathematics teacher.) In this session you will learn how to create simple screencasts i.e. Explainer Videos.

Session Four: Exercising your creative genius (group work)

7 hours

In this session you will:
- nominate your key project you wish to work on.
- draw upon the collaborative input from course members to assist you.
- read a couple of pedagogical articles regarding the use of GeoGebra.
- start working in your groups.
- collaborate on, develop and complete the files and/or resources of your project.
- record one or more explainer videos explaining the background to your files and how you created them.
- submit your implementation report.

Session Five: Completing the course

30 minutes

The completion process.

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Further your GeoGebra skills
by Roland Tenefrancia on 26/04/2017

The course was very informative and useful. I learned a lot from using Geogebra which I thought would be difficult at first but I eventually got used to it and appreciated the many things it offers.

About the team

Richard Andrew


Richard has taught in 3 states and territories of Australia over the past 25 years and has been Head of Mathematics at Oxford Falls Grammar School for 6 years. He has developed a teaching style which is interactive and relational, directed yet open ended, and which fosters individual progression, higher-order thinking, and collaborative learning. Richard is a passionate campaigner for conceptual learning; his professional journey continues to lead him to discover more and more ways of teaching mathematics conceptually and he delights in sharing these with other teachers.