Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'

Barbara Stanners
My focus is developing rich teaching and learning resource materials for Secondary English teachers to use in the classroom.
Explore how contextual influences & composer choices have impacted on the language forms & features, ideas, values & attitudes in 'Julius Caesar ' & 'The Prince'.
Target Audience
Stage 6 teachers who are intending to teach these paired texts in 2015 or are considering doing so in future.
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Comparative exploration of the content and perspectives of ‘Julius Caesar’ and ‘The Prince’ to examine how meaning is shaped by contextual influences and a composer’s purpose and audience. A balanced appraisal of the two texts will be combined with discussion about how to develop student writing skills.


Stage 6 teachers who are intending to teach these paired texts in 2015 or are considering doing so in future.

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Full day workshop presentation.

This course contributes to 5.0 professional development hours.


There are no occurrences of Face to Face - Individual in Australia (NSW) at this time.


Session 1- Comparative exploration of contextual influences on text

1 hour and 15 minutes

This will be delivered a via multi-media presentation and associated sections of the accompanying booklet. The focus of the opening session will be to clarify the notion of ‘intertextual perspectives’ offered by a pair of texts. The specifics of teaching Module A will be discussed. Overarching connections will be evaluated as well as how medium has impacted and helped shape meaning in each text.

Session 2-Treatment of similar content in the paired texts

2 hours

Texts will be explored both individually and comparatively in the light of elective rubric requirements. Meaning and how it has been shaped, will be a focus as well as the impact of composers’ attitudes, values and ideas. Key extracts will be examined from each text for comparative purposes using the booklet and media resources. Group activities and discussion will benefit from participants bringing their copies of both texts. The overall aim of this session will be to develop understanding of the values, significance and context of each text.

Session 3-Developing Student Interpretation and Writing Skills

1 hour and 40 minutes

The writing skills that students need to develop will be examined as well as the T& L strategies, approaches and resources that could be used. Student samples will be used to show how students can articulate their knowledge and understanding in sophisticated ways that address rubric requirements. Discussion and small group activities will consider how teachers could guide students learning how to articulate a personal response within a strong thesis framework.

What To Bring

Paper, prescribed text or texts, laptop and or USB for digital resource sharing.

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Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'

Excellent approaches to “Julius Caesar” Greater focus given to Julius Caesar than to Machavelli. Deeper focus on Machavelli’s content and form features and structures required. Dealt in with some details in notes (page 17). Time management. Additional time for collegial discussion to share share experiences, knowledge and resources may be beneficial. Some more information on assessment and essay writing strategies would be appreciated.

Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'
by Phoebe Baylis on 25/03/2015


Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'
by Loraine Pett on 25/03/2015

Very detailed and informative. Clarified the Module and Elective very well. Great resources provided.

Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'

Though went through quickly, seemed like there was more content we didn’t get to.

Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'
by Maruti Lyons on 25/03/2015

Great course. Practical, with great resources.

Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'
by Nathan Compton on 25/03/2015

Great resources. Thorough engagement. Feel more comfortable teaching this unit.

Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'

Thoroughly engaging and extremely helpful. Thank you!

Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'
by James Houghton on 25/03/2015

As usual, Barbara was outstanding. She always provides excellent resources and practical advice.

Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'
by Paula Stuart on 25/03/2015

Vocal, engaging and a nice package to take away. Many thanks. Very high quality

Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'

Really useful with excellent resources.

Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'
by Susan James on 25/03/2015

Generous resources. High order discussion. Explicit senior literacy strategies discussed.

Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'
by David Leys on 25/03/2015

Barbara is an authoritative, dialogic, detailed and experienced presenter. The course was adaptable and she provided lots of accessible materials.

Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'
by Narelle Nightscales on 25/03/2015

This was fantastic! Barbara presents an engaging, informative session. I loved it! The resources are outstanding.

Module A - 'Julius Caesar' and 'The Prince'
by Jennifer Ellis on 25/03/2015

Spot on in terms of how to teach the Module effectively. Great sharing of information and resources. Loved the laminated quotable quotes on key ring ideas.

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Barbara Stanners


Barbara has been English KLA co-ordinator at Richmond H.S. and Bede Polding College, Windsor South. She has extensive teaching and training experience with Junior and Senior Secondary English courses as well as Certificates in Mentoring and Professional Leadership. Over thirty Teacher Resource Textbooks have been published over the past fifteen years.
Developing resources for all Stage 6 English courses, remains a particular area of interest and expertise.