Creative & Critical Capability Workshop

Allison Pegus
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Thinking that is productive, purposeful and intentional is at the centre of effective learning. Combine integrated and explicit approaches daily.
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Teachers K-8
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Critical and creative capabilities – Australian CurriculumTeaching, Learning & Assessing Creative Critical & Capabilities
Australian Curriculum- transdisciplinary
PYP Attributes and Inquiry Skills
Explicit teaching and integrated learning


Teachers K-8

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Thinking that is productive, purposeful and intentional is at the centre of effective teaching and learning.

This course contributes to 5.0 professional development hours.


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15/09/2017 Sydney CBD Cancelled $339 + GST


Introduction & Orientation

30 minutes

A tour of the international critical & creative teaching landscape and different Australian school contexts.

Thinking Classrooms

1 hour

This session is hands-on and full of sound ways to develop classroom environments and practices that facilitate, develop and recognise critical and creative thinking in students.

We look at daily classroom practices that support the development of thinking culture. We also look at the possible obstacles and how to approach these with hesitant learners.

Participants critically evaluate the relevance of these to their teaching.

It covers a range of approaches to teaching thinking that teachers can apply in subject areas Years 7-10 and through inquiry process K-6.

This session is collaborative team learning format.

The ideas:
• A questioning curriculum approach
• Teaching in metacognitive ways
• Using developmental continua to find a standard
• Exceeding the standard
• Skill and subject based pedagogy – explicit teaching

Curiosity and Academic Success

1 hour and 30 minutes

Through their eyes…
The second session looks at the teaching of critical and creative thinking as teachers take part in a demonstration lesson as students.

The idea
When we engage students in conversations about how they learn, we engage them in critical conversations that they are inherently interested in having.

Mind Your Own Brain Workshop
• Attracting Attention
• History of Thinkers
• Choose your own adventure
• Perception & expression
• Judgement & decision
• How mindsets work and what that means for you.

Making Connections Many Ways

1 hour and 30 minutes

• Determining the best strategy or process
• Student engagement and teacher judgement
• Questioning techniques
• Scaffolding higher order thinking
• Keeping it significant and making it fun too
• Implementation: I do, we do, you do

Backwards Map Referencing

30 minutes

• High performing students in high performing groups
• Simple feedback & reflection practice

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Creative & Critical Capability Workshop
by Katrina Avery on 30/08/2016

Allison was engaging and full of huge amounts of knowledge. She involved/engaged the group fully and provided resources I will use immediately and share with my Year and Stage teachers.

Creative & Critical Capability Workshop

Very practical and hands on workshop.

Creative & Critical Capability Workshop
by Tanya Krick on 30/08/2016

Interesting and practical strategies easy to implement in the classroom. Very well presented.

About the team

Allison Pegus


Allison is TTA’s Professional Learning Manager for Onsite Services.

She works as a full time Learning Professional in education and training in Australia and internationally.

Allison designs and conducts school workshops in Student Engagement, Teacher Judgement and Building Collaborative Expertise in Schools.

Or have Allison work with you to create a consultancy especially for your school goal, staff.

As first and foremost an expert teacher and facilitator Allison has maintained her focus on teaching and learning, curriculum design and delivery and teacher quality from multiple perspectives.

Allison’s work with schools is informed also from her leadership and management background:
• Principal of Australian independent primary schools
• Consultant with the Association of Independent Schools NSW,
• Director of Tournament of Minds NSW,
• State President and Chair of Professional Development with the Independent Heads Associations NSW & Tas
• National Executive Member of Australian Primary Principals Association of Australia, APPA, for 6 years.
• School Evaluation Team Leader and Workshop leader for the International Baccalaureate in the Asia-Pacific region.

Allison has a B.Ed. and M.Ed. in Language and Learning and she is a Certified Professional Coach and MBTI Practitioner.

She founded, Learning Professional Consulting in 2012.