Making Geography Cool (Secondary)

Kirsty Costa - Cool Australia
Award Winning Educator
Create or rejuvenate Geography lessons that captivate the interest of Year 7 to 10 students, while focusing on sustainability in the Australian Curriculum.
Target Audience
Geography teachers working with Years 7 to 10 students. Also suitable for casual relief and beginning teachers.
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Hi there ! We’re Angela Andrews and Kirsty Costa from Cool Australia.

We’ve created this course: ‘Making Geography Cool' to provide you with teaching tools that you can use to integrate the cross-curricular priority area of Sustainability into your Geography lessons.

In this 6-hour course, Angela Andrews will help you explore:

  • What sustainability actually means (it’s more than just “the environment”)
  • Pedagogical approaches to Education for Sustainability
  • Sustainability as a cross-curricular priority area in the subject of Geography in the Australian Curriculum
  • Examples and case studies of best practice from other teachers and schools
  • Cool Australia’s free-to-access curriculum resources, digital media and infographics

By completing this course, you will learn practical and creative ways to make Geography come alive for your students. You will utilise Cool Australia’s Curriculum Resources, including lesson plans and worksheets, which support differentiated learning and are mapped to the Australian Curriculum. You will have access to Cool Australia’s Digital Library which contains images, videos, infographics and research to deepen student understanding. The course also contains practical sessions where you will be encouraged to ‘give it a go’. And you will have the opportunity to connect with other teachers from across Australia and to share your stories and experiences.

Please join us !


Cool Australia is an award-winning not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Australian teachers with tools to foster student learning for life.


Geography teachers working with Years 7 to 10 students. Also suitable for casual relief and beginning teachers.

Available Delivery Formats

Format Description

A normal online course is delivered over 1-12 weeks and is worth from 3-12 PDhrs depending on the course content and its objectives. Participants will not need to take time off, the course date is the START date only, end dates will be advertised with course hours. Learn more HERE.

>> This 6 hour online professional development is open for 6 weeks.
We recommend you allocate some time in your calendar, in advance, to enjoy the activities and get the most out of the course.

>> This course supports the teaching of Geography in the Australian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus for Years 7 to 10 students (Stages 4 and 5).

This course contributes to 6.0 professional development hours.


There are no occurrences of Online - Individual in Australia (ACT) at this time.


1. Introduction

1 hour

- Read about course requirements.
- Meet your group.
- Set a personal learning goal.
- Use a fun thinking tool to consider what ‘sustainability’ means to you.
- Investigate the three pillars that make up ‘sustainability’.

2. Education for Sustainability

1 hour

- Explore the seven principles of Education for Sustainability.
- Find out the importance of personal connection to the natural environment.
- Get outside.
- Consider how Education for Sustainability fits into current education trends.

3. Australian Curriculum

1 hour

- Look at the Australian Curriculum more closely.
- Investigate sustainability as a cross curricular priority in your state or territory.
- Identify how you can use sustainability to add value to your current curriculum.

4. Find What You Need

1 hour and 15 minutes

- Spend some time on Cool Australia’s website, exploring units of work, lesson plans and digital libraries.
- Identify which resources will help your teaching.
- Consider where you’d like to start with integrating or extending Education for Sustainability and make a plan for action.

5. One Hour Practical - Give it a Go

1 hour and 30 minutes

- Spend 1 hour planning or implementing Education for Sustainability.
- Reflect on how you went with your practical and ask additional questions.
- Ask additional questions that will help your teaching.

6. Reflect

15 minutes

- Reflect on what you learnt during the course.
- Give feedback on the course.


No duration specified

Keep on learning with these further study activities:
- Find out what other schools are doing on the Enviroweek website.
- Watch a range of videos from schools around Australia.
- Take action for sustainability in just 10 minutes.
- Create a Sustainability Policy for your school.

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Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Melissa Ellis on 02/05/2016

An interesting and relevant look at the New Curriculum with practical activities you can take to the classroom today!!!

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by David Massingham on 14/04/2016

Kirsty was an excellent presenter, and she provided informative, supportive and insightful feedback to all work submitted by students. She was a delight to deal with.

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Antoinette Johnston on 13/04/2016

Great mix of practical and theory to make a very informative and useful course.

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by deborah warwick on 13/04/2016

I enjoyed the activities and to revisit ideas form anew perspective. it is inspiring to get a fresh look and to remember to GO OUTSIDE!

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Josip Zeko on 13/04/2016

I found the course and activities very appropriate and I liked how it concentrated on the principles of Educating for Sustainability. The modules enabled me to be creative on thinking of ideas on how to implement the concept of sustainability in my lessons and teaching resources. All of the modules were excellent and very enjoyable. I particularly like module 1 where I had to draw a picture depicting the concept of sustainability. The modules were varied and engaging and it had a strong environmental focus which I love. Thank you Kirsty for designing an outstanding course and I can feel confident it will only get better with time like good wine.

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by James Broe on 13/04/2016

A really useful course to examine how sustainability fits into the new national curriculum. It also provides some excellent ideas and resources to help in the delivery of this key concept to your students.

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Elizabeth Clifford on 18/08/2015

An interesting course, but not what I expected. Would like to see greater links between content and the Australian Curriculum – this course was largely centred on using the Cool Australia website.

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Reema Ali on 18/08/2015

The course was great because it was online and allowed you to take time and really think about the activities and tasks to be completed.

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Emma Grealy on 11/08/2015

An informative and interesting course. The resources were excellent.

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Jaswinder Lalli on 14/07/2015

The course was interesting and allowed you to explore your interests within the Sustainability Umbrella and it was a practical course where you could apply your learning & understanding.

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Angela Ellen on 09/07/2015

There was a wealth of resources available to get students involved in sustainability. The course also gave me some different classroom approaches to sustainability. I did, however, think that the course was much more suited to primary teachers than high school.

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Catherine Farrow on 03/06/2015

I really enjoyed doing this course. The content was interesting and very thought provoking. It made me really think about how I go about my core business.

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Casey Norden on 03/06/2015

This course was really great for two reasons:
1. Step-by-step guide to accessing all the resources through the Cool Geography website
2. Great ideas for when you have 10 minutes at the end, or beginning, of a lesson and need a quick idea

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Alexis Gillies on 14/05/2015

Making Geography Cool was a wonderful course with met all objectives and fulfilled all of my expectations. The course made me think in further depth certain questions on sustainability and different methods to deliver to students.The course was excellent. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Rachael Lasker on 28/04/2015

This course gave me the opportunity to interact with teachers from other areas and collaborate ideas for integrating sustainability into the Geography curriculum.

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Karen Kesby on 28/04/2015

Well presented. Easy to follow. Enjoyed the ability to do work in my own time and not have to finish a whole unit at one time. Great resources. Good feedback.

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Claudia Tessadri on 22/04/2015

Really enjoyed doing the course – it provided a good amount of reflection and plenty of resources and ideas for teachers. I also enjoyed exploring research and pedagogy.

Making Geography Cool (Secondary)
by Alice Winn Dix on 20/04/2015

Interesting and practical strategies for implementing int he classroom- particularly for junior levels.

About the team

Cool Australia


Cool Australia is an award winning not-for-profit dedicated to supporting educators with tools to foster ‘learning for life’. We help integrate topics around sustainability, ethics, economics and wellbeing across the curriculum. This enables teachers of all age groups and disciplines to engage young Aussies in real-life learning whilst achieving Australian Curriculum and Early Years Learning Framework outcomes. Our accredited professional development is designed to build your confidence, understanding and expertise. You will learn through a mixture of practical and thinking activities as well as hearing the stories of others. Plus you will access a range of teaching tools that can you can use straight away in your teaching.

Kirsty Costa - Cool Australia


Kirsty lives in her element by working in roles that focus on education and community. Most recently, she’s been a primary classroom teacher, an education consultant and teacher coach.

Kirsty inspires audiences with her fresh ideas and provides pathways that help make a difference to teaching and learning. She delivers online courses, webinars, workshops and keynote addresses to educators across the country. Kirsty helps teachers to build their knowledge, skills and confidence so that they can design exceptional learning for all young Australians.

Kirsty was awarded the 2013 Victorian Environmental and Sustainability Educator of the Year.