Mindsets - Developing a Growth Mindset Classroom

James Anderson
Engaging and thoughtful
In this powerful workshop you'll learn to apply the principles of Carol Dweck's Growth Mindset in your classroom. James is Australia's only certified Mindset trainer.
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All primary and secondary teachers interested in improving student motivation and performance through developing Growth Mindsets.
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Do you want to develop a Growth Mindset in your students? Would you like to learn the strategies, techniques and approaches that will engender and develop the Growth Mindset in your classroom?

The research of internationally renowned psychologist Carol Dweck has repeatedly demonstrated the importance of a Growth Mindset to student motivation and achievement.

Led by Australia and New Zealand’s only certified Mindset trainer, James Anderson, this workshop will show you how to think like a Growth Mindset teacher.

Contrary to some reports, Mindset is not about belief. It’s about understanding. It’s about an understanding of what truly builds talent, abilities and indeed intelligence. Over the course of the day you’ll learn to identify the roots of your student’s, parent’s and perhaps your own fixed mindset as you uncover the scientific basis behind the acquisition of talent.

James will then show you how to apply these understandings in your classroom. Using practical strategies James will help you shift your teaching focus from content and standards, to process and growth. As a result you will encourage the development of a Growth Mindset and improve student motivation and performance.

Finally James will show you how to “talk the talk” as we investigate praise and feedback from the perspective of the Growth Mindset. You’ll leave with a powerful set of tools that can be applied to classroom conversation, feedback on assignments and assessment tasks, as well as reporting.

Check out the feedback of other teachers who have attended this five star course. This is a powerful workshop, but it’s not complex. The ideas are easily adopted into your everyday classroom practice.


All primary and secondary teachers interested in improving student motivation and performance through developing Growth Mindsets.

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For around the price of releasing 5 people attending a face to face workshop why not get world class professional learning onsite?
James Anderson can tailor a full day of Mindset learning to meet your team’s learning needs.
James is the only presenter in Australia and New Zealand fully endorsed and authorised by Carol Dweck’s Mindset Works to conduct this training with your school.

This course contributes to 7.0 professional development hours.


Acquisition of Excellence and the Importance of Mindset

2 hours

Mindset is not a belief, it’s an understanding about how we acquire talent. In this first foundational sessions teachers will discover the truth behind talent, and why so many misunderstandings and misconceptions abound.
We will explore the importance of deliberate practice, the greatness gap, the zone of proximal development (aka the Goldilocks zone), Habits of Mind and, of course, mindset.

Mindsets - practical strategies for the classroom

1 hour and 30 minutes

This session looks at the practical strategies and approaches for developing a growth mindset classroom. Specific strategies are used as illustrations of broader concepts that help move the teacher focus from content and standards towards growth and process.
This session also examines the mindset of teachers, students and parents.

Talking the Talk

1 hour and 30 minutes

Mindsets are malleable. The language we use, and the focus of our praise and reward systems can have powerful and profound influences on a students Mindset.
This session looks at the language we use in the classroom, when giving feedback and in assessment and report to make it more encouraging of a Growth Mindset.

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About the team

James Anderson


James Anderson is the director and principal consultant of Mindful by Design. An experienced and successful teacher, James began working with Art Costa’s Habits of Mind in his own classroom in 2000. James is a highly experienced and engaging presenter with experience at all levels of schooling from early learning through to tertiary.

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