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STEAM your Device to 'Arts' applications in your classroom. A hands-on course exploring practical ideas for integrating Apps into your 'Arts' lessons. Explore, create a...
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Stage 2 to 5 Media and Visual Arts teachers
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Is the iPad the new brush tool in art education or just another ICT fad? With the BYOD policy in place we move quickly to placing technology more in our students hands. This hands-on course aims to provide Art Educators in Primary school – Stage 2 & 3 a range of strategies and techniques to integrate ICT and MEDIA ARTS into their curriculum. Focusing on promoting critical thinking skills, creativity, collaboration and higher order tasks using a range of art making apps.
Participants will explore the idea of the iPad as an art making tool, not a replacement but a tool that works to enhance and engage with traditional art practices. The course integrates drawing and painting, digital photography, critiquing, animation, graphic design, website building, movie-making, connected learning and more through the various apps that are offered in the iTunes store. Participants take home a range of resources and practical ideas and programs to implement in their classroom as part of the Arts curriculum.


Stage 2 to 5 Media and Visual Arts teachers

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This course enables Visual & Media Arts teachers to collaborate and take on the role of the art student, simulating a classroom environment where practicalities and the use of teaching with technology in an art room can sometimes seem daunting. The course runs for 4.5 hours and is structured around the National Curriculum teaching standards.

This course contributes to 4.5 professional development hours.


There are no occurrences of Face to Face in Australia (NSW) at this time.


S.T.E.M v S.T.E.A.M.

2 hours

Understanding and confidently implementing changing practices in art education are part of the National Curriculum in Media Arts and Visual Arts. STEAM possibilities in the arts are an exciting adventure for your classroom. Discussions and practical applications of how you can incorporate STEAM into your Arts teaching
In this course participants will explore educational methodologies and applying them to the 21st century learner. Become informed about the standards of the National Curriculum in Media Arts whilst learning to harness the power of iPad Apps for generating, promoting and sharing students work online and in hard copy.
Collaborate before you create in your classroom: Setting up systems to share and publish your students work without compromising their digital security and cyber safety. Knowing your ICT capabilities and harnessing your students knowledge in project based learning tasks.

Create content, produce, reflect, collaborate and share

2 hours and 30 minutes

A hands on session where we explore the intricacies of a range of Apps. and their application to the learning objectives within Media Arts and Visual Arts in the National Curriculum. Participants will work individually and in group scenarios, simulating a classroom environment whereby technology can be limited, shared or if lucky enough on a one to one basis in an art based learning environment.
Participants will take what they create in a range of art apps. and explore the basics of how to Print, share and collaborate their work with fellow classmates and a worldwide network of fellow art educators. Publish work online, showcase to the world and also be shown the possibilities of hard copy publishing of students work, preserving their digital footprint.

What To Bring

Participants must bring an iPad with the current version of iOS installed. Participants must be able to download and install apps from the App Store.
Please ensure:

■ Bring your iPad and charger.
■ Ensure your device is completed charged the night before
■ Update your iOS
■ Update your installed apps
■ Admin rights over the iPad to install apps (iTunes Password)

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iPads in Media Arts/Visual Arts
by Bethaney Waters on 12/04/2018

Fantastic help. Made me feel so comfortable. Great apps. Would love to have student workshops with Sharron.

iPads in Media Arts/Visual Arts
by Clodine Sweha on 12/04/2018

Excellent presenter. I have been to Sharron’s other courses and they are always fantastic.

iPads in Media Arts/Visual Arts

Fabulous resources and outstanding, comprehensive knowledge.

iPads in Media Arts/Visual Arts
by Carol Paras on 12/04/2018

Presentation very informative – excellent. Relevant apps explained. Very helpful and inspiring, thanks!

iPads in Media Arts/Visual Arts
by Courtney Chate on 12/04/2018

Excellent course. Learned so much and discovered so many valuable resources to use in the classroom.

iPads in Media Arts/Visual Arts

Lots of practical ideas to take back and try. Introduced to looks of New Apps (beginner on tech).

iPads in Media Arts/Visual Arts

Very insightful and informative.

iPads in Media Arts/Visual Arts
by Rosaria Munzone on 27/09/2017

Sharron is extremely knowledgeable and had a great deal to offer us. She was friendly and approachable and explained everything in detail.

iPads in Media Arts/Visual Arts

Very relevant information. Was given a lot of great resources and Sharron was very knowledgeable. I definitely learned a lot and got a lot out of this course.

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Sharron Mountain


Sharron is a Visual Arts Educator and artist who lives in the picturesque Blue Mountains. Sharron holds a Bachelor of Arts – Visual Arts and a Diploma in Education – Secondary studies. As an Art Educator, since 1993, Sharron has continued to develop her artistic skills, specializing in alternative digital and photographic mediums. Sharron has been teaching Photoshop, Animation and Photography courses to teachers for over 10 years at TTA and has developed courses in Visual Arts, Photography & use of the iPad Art for creative purposes.