Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12

This online course helps you develop exciting units of work that are relevant to student interests and the Australian Curriculum for visual and media arts and design co...
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Secondary Visual Art teachers.
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General Description

This course offers opportunities for developing units of work that are stimulating and relevant to student interests and address visual arts, media arts and design syllabus and Australian Arts Curriculum content. Participants learn how to design a unit that identifies learning objectives for art-making and art history/art criticism and place the unit within a scope and sequence of learning for Years 7 to 11. They will design units that include relevant subject matter and forms and include learning experiences that are sequenced and scaffolded and address QT issues, educational perspectives and literacy and numeracy. Sample units, student artworks and Powerpoint teaching aids are provided.


Secondary Visual Art teachers.

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A normal online course is delivered over 1-12 weeks and is worth from 3-12 PDhrs depending on the course content and its objectives. Participants will not need to take time off, the course date is the START date only, end dates will be advertised with course hours.

Course Objectives

■ Address requirements for Visual Arts, Media Arts and Design programs for Years 7 – 11
■ Identify syllabus outcomes to be addressed, including competencies (literacy, numeracy, computer literacy)
■ Develop an overview for learning Years 7 – 11
■ Articulate learning objectives for programs of learning and learning experiences (lessons)
■ Identify requirements for effective learning experiences
■ Create learning experiences that sit within a continuum of learning
■ Write programs, units of work and learning experiences that adhere to syllabus outcomes and meet students' needs and demographics and can be implemented in the classroom

Getting Online

Please note that this is an Online learning format and we use the platform Open Learning. You have 4 weeks to complete the course and can do at your own pace within the start and end dates (advertised). There are no set times where you have to attend any webinars etc, everything you need will be within the Open Learning Platform. If you have any problems navigating Open Learning please contact either or your presenter and we will do anything we can to assist you.

This course contributes to 10.0 professional development hours.


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1 hour

Introduce course and summary of content.
Discussion of how outcomes and competencies will be addressed.

Designing an Effective Program of learning

1 hour

Addressing how to plan a program of learning Years 7 to 11 identifying student and syllabus requirements.

Developing Units of Work

3 hours

Developing overviews of requirements, units of work storyboards, lesson plans and units of work. Addressing curriculum and syllabus outcomes and content.

Addressing content and sequencing learning in a unit of work

2 hours

Building learning experiences and generating a continuum of learning with some integration of artists' practice, student artmaking, art history, appreciation and art writing. Creating units of work that include sequences of learning where skills, knowledge and understanding are scaffolded.

Designing units for seniors, Media Arts and design

1 hour

Developing content for units of work for seniors, Media Arts and design while addressing curriculum and syllabus outcomes and content.


1 hour

Reviewing learning and identifying other professional development opportunities.

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Latest Reviews

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Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Anna Bowie on 18/07/2017
I have found the course helpful and informative. I have learned how to write programs focusing on outcomes and scope and sequence. I have also found the previous participants' sample work invaluable. Teachers can never have enough program ideas. Our facilitator was encouraging and always prompt with her feedback.
Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Neal Blacker on 17/07/2017

Course was informative in delivering the curriculum standards for teaching visual art in NSW.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by louise jones on 03/07/2017

Excellent course with lots of resources and stimulating tasks. Got me really thinking about
Syllabus and ideas for scope and sequence.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Helen Yip on 31/01/2017

This course was well-sequenced and structured, with highly useful approaches and practical advice for designing and implementing Visual Arts and PDM programs and tasks. I found the emphasis on building students' own research and artmaking practice particularly relevant to my programming. Janet was a knowledgeable and supportive course tutor who provided detailed, constructive feedback and feedforward in relation to the tasks and resources I submitted. Overall, the course allowed me to re-evaluate, refine and adapt my existing programs, whilst sharing and developing new resources with colleagues participating in the course.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Larissa Bongco on 27/01/2017

The Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12 program was an incredibly helpful course for me as a teacher studying for the first time the ins and outs of creating Visual Arts Programs. As a teacher in a small school I was given the opportunity to take up the speciality of teaching Visual Arts and not only was this a starting point in developing an in-depth understanding of the content, it also helped me develop valuable teaching approaches. The support and feedback by the supervisor was crucial to this course.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Catherine Smith on 30/06/2016

Good broad refresher course on syllabus content.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Dianne Fogarty on 02/12/2015

An excellent course would recommend to all other visual art teachers (and others), for creating a work program that has continuum over years 7 to 12. I gained a lot from the course in structuring , generating creative ideas, course overviews and sequencing lessons as per Australian curriculum requirements. Some new ways of thinking about the arts and contemporary resources were also an added feature of the course.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12

The Designing Visual Arts Programs was fantastic! Lots of useful information and resources and Janet was very helpful in providing feedback. Completing this course has informed a lot my teaching practice.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Jasmin Jones on 23/11/2015

This was an interesting course with a lot of valuable resources to help program units of work in new ways.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Timothy Barklay on 23/11/2015

Very valuable content and mandatory assignments ensured I was not passive. A good mix of practical and theoretical content.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Linda Robson on 23/11/2015

Janet Rentz is an incredible tutor who gives strong, constructive feedback. My practice is improving as a result of her innovative approach to Visual Art Programming.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Noel Barnes on 10/09/2015

I found the course to be very helpful and informative both in layout and content. Having everything laid out so clearly and in steps made it easily accessible and made progression through the course simple.

It has helped me to be more thorough in my programming and helped me to extend my students through better understanding.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Domenica Strachan on 04/09/2015

The course provided great learning experiences that are clearly linked to national curriculum and provided scaffolding in order to not only produce credible units but also the understanding as to how and why this is required. I benefited for the supplied objective verbs in order to ensure that my learning experiences clearly matched the expectations of the unit.Enjoyed the course. Would have liked to apply the skills and learning experiences to my own unit I.e. Continuing with task one units into learning experiences. (Tasks 2-4).

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Kylie Baxter on 04/09/2015

Overall a great course. Would highly reccomment to other visual arts teacher of all levels of experience. The course offers great resources, visual arts content and how to effectively program, sequence a unit of work and designing activities. Very helpful. The course delivere is an extremely talented and experienced Visual Arts teacher who has an abuntant source of knowledge from the visual arts that she readily shares with all participants. By completing a set amount of activities per week you are then able to gain resources and the other activities from the other participants which allows for resorucing and collegiality with other visual arts teachers.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Sue-Anne McCarthy on 04/09/2015

I was very impressed with the feedback in particular as well as the depth and extent of the information and resources available.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Lara Harrison on 12/05/2015

I found the course ‘Designing Visual Arts Programs 7 – 12’ extremely beneficial for my situation. I entered teaching as a casual and continued that for 9 years before finding a part time position in an Art faculty with existing programs. After doing this course I am a lot more confident in not only writing programs but teaching them in a more structured learning sequence that builds on their knowledge and skills.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Emma Havard on 08/05/2015

Assignment requirements need to be more explicit. Really great, informative feedback

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Paula Lange on 28/04/2015

This course is useful for secondary Art teachers from all years of experience. It gave me a new way of presenting and redesigning some units I have worked with in the past. There are always changes that can be incorporated and new interpretations to improve the student’s learning.
The time frame is tight, considering we are also teaching full time and to do each topics justice, several hours are needed to complete the tasks to a suitable standard.
I will use the assignments that I created so the time spent will have additional rewards in terms of time later on.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Carly Stockley on 28/04/2015

I found it difficult to stay on schedule, explanation of how to do tasks I found needed more specific instructions and examples. Very little was national curriculum specific and I had a hard time trying to separate what was NSW and ANC perhaps all state specific content should be removed and only focus on ANC.

Designing Visual Arts Programs Years 7-12
by Matthew Bradshaw on 27/04/2015

I was glad to be able to do the course and to get feedback on planning and units of work.

About the team

Debra Kenworthy


Debra is a passionate Visual Arts educator and Head teacher who holds a Bachelor and Masters of Art Education. She has continually engaged in learning and delivering Visual Arts and Design content over the last 30 years with teaching experience spanning adult, single sex and co-ed education in both rural and metropolitan schools. Debra has had experience marking the practical and written HSC exam. Programming, assessment and quality teaching methods, to suit a wide range of abilities and school environments are of particular interest. Debra’s specialty artmaking skills lie within painting and photography and currently teaches in a Mid North Coast school in NSW.

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