Voice Care and Vocal Delivery

Loretta Visser
As a voice coach my aim is to enable people to make the most of their unique voice.
Participants will learn to use their voice effectively and safely within the classroom environment.
Target Audience
All Primary and Secondary teachers who wish to preserve their voice
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General Description

Participants will learn to use their voice effectively and safely within the classroom environment. The course will cover four basic areas of voice, specifically designed for teachers. These are:
-Anatomy of the Voice
-Delivering Your Message By Making The Most Of Your Voice
-The School Environment and Your Voice
-Vocal Health for Teachers
Relevant to classroom teachers of all KLAs and especially beginner teachers.


All Primary and Secondary teachers who wish to preserve their voice

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This course contributes to 5.0 professional development hours.


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26/06/2019 Sydney CBD Cancelled $374 + GST


Voice Care and Vocal Delivery

5 hours

The morning session is focused on: “Anatomy of the Voice”.
This involves:
• A general discussion and introduction into the course and the voice issues concerning the participants
• Exercises for posture, breath and release (practical), including a guided meditation for breath release (floor work vocal exercises)

Mid-morning session is focused on: “Delivering Your Message”.
This involves:
• Exercises for the Articulators (practical)
• Awakening the Resonators (practical)
• Developing variation and control in Pitch, Volume and Emphasis (practical)

Afternoon session is focused on: “The School Environment and Vocal Health”.
This involves:
• Small group then into whole group discussion of “Discipline Techniques/Teaching Techniques” (writing & verbally sharing)
• Vocal Health Tips (verbal and practical)
• Questions & re-cap of any of the exercises
• Evaluation notices
• I also stay back to answer any questions that people may want to speak privately about

What To Bring

Due to the practical nature of the class, participants should wear comfortable loose clothing.

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Fantastic, with so many different activites – very impressive.

by Margot Fitzgibon on 10/11/2011

Great style of presentation – humour with a purpose. An enjoyable experience.


Loretta, it was a lot of fun! And I learnt some good things.

by Keiran Taylor on 10/11/2011

Amazing. Jam-packed with useful knowledge and skills. Looking forward to practicing and sharing what I have learnt today.


Nice and relaxing, comfortable environment. Very informative and well paced.


Very useful content that I will take away a practice.


Very vivacious and interesting presenter with some good ideas for voice care.


Lovely, fantastic presenter. Great activities, engaging. Useful, practical.


Thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially due to the practical nature. Course was relevant and I found that there were many useful ideas to use. I went away having learnt a lot.


An engaging, enjoyable and informative, useful presentation. Thank you.


Loretta was fantastic. She presented content with enthusiasm which kept me engaged. Vocal warm ups were great.


A great presenter. Good information.


It was clear and didn’t give us time to get bored. Plenty of practical advice. Maybe going through classroom strategies when avoiding using your voice.


All the content that was presented was good and Loretta was very knowledgable and practical in her expectations and delivery.


Good information about vocal function and suitable exercises to help improve and maintain vocal health in the teaching environment.


Practical, useful, good to focus on ourselves for once.


Such an informative session. Wonderful speeches – so much enthusiasm.


Thank you. I learned some interesting techniques.

About the team

Loretta Visser


Loretta Visser has been teaching Drama for over 20 years, having now taught from K – 12 as both a teacher and a department leader. A qualified voice teacher (NIDA) since 2005, she has conducted voice and acting workshops for the NIDA Open Program, and various Drama Education associations and universities. Her book 'The Teacher’s Voice' was published in early 2006.