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Animation is truly accessible for students with iPads and BYOD mobile devices. Stop Motion is engaging and a great way to approach every Stage of learning.
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Stop Motion Animation can be used as a 21st century learning tool in any classroom and every subject.
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A practical course where you will gain an understanding of how to develop a successful film making program for your classroom and create a stop motion film using animation software and /or iPads on the day. Teachers will be provided with a teaching framework to take back into the classroom. A program outline, visual resources and worksheets will be provided to make this a workable unit in the ICT classroom.
Teachers will work in small groups to develop a narrative, map out a storyboard, create set and characters for their film, learn to use the stop motion software and, finally, explore basic editing, audio and special effects in iMovie. The use of iPad, iPhone and iPod will be incorporated into the course, so teachers should bring their own. All work is on a MAC but these skills are transferable to PC stop motion software.
Also you will learn strategies to manage technology in the classroom.


Stop Motion Animation can be used as a 21st century learning tool in any classroom and every subject.

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Apply a range of simple stop motion animation techniques to any subject. Develop higher order thinking and significance with this easy to apply and engaging technique. Utilise iPads, iPods, mobile devices and laptops to create successful group based projects. Its as easy as downloading an App. from the iTunes store with your iPad.

This course contributes to 5.5 professional development hours.


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Enrol Now 23/02/2018 Western Sydney Places available $344 + GST Enrol Now


Introduction and overview

30 minutes

Introduce concepts and examples.
How to set up equipment and options available
Demonstrate Classroom based scenarios
Demonstrate intricacies of the iStop motion Software and equipment required.

Introduce concepts and show examples. How to set up equipment and options available Demonstrate Classroom based scenarios Demonstrate intricacies of the iStop motion Software and equipment required.

1 hour

Explore a range of film making techniques and filmic language.
Exploring the role of photography and film shots
Explore concept development and storyboarding in groups.
The role and importance of scripting and narrative
Structuring stories with narrative – examples
Demo of sound
Making backdrops and setting the scene
Character development

Production and Post Production

2 hours

Making stop motion film, editing if time permits
Sharing films in Apps.
Using Edmodo to set up class and group sharing of films.

Conclusion, sharing and evaluation

30 minutes

Sharing and uploading films on Edmodo or onto USBs.
Demonstration on exporting film as QuickTime or as individual files.
Evaluation and certificates, equipment pack up.

What To Bring

If you have any of the following devices please bring them along. Sharron will email you individually to check what equipment you have available closer to the course date.
Suggested equipment:
IPad – download iStop Motion 3 app. If you also have an iPhone/Android: iStop Motion remote App. That acts as a remote to the iPad App.
IPod/iPhone: A range of Stop Motion Apps are available from the App. Store, some are free, and worth checking out.
Tripod for your iPhone ( less than ebay $10) essential if using students available devices.
Mac laptop with iStop Motion 2 or 3 installed – trial version available, ensure you have open the software and certified OVER THE INTERNET that you are using a trial version.
If you have a desk lamp bring it along to improve lighting.

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Stop Motion Animation
by Phil Jones on 05/04/2016

A very competent presenter. Very interesting. Would be nice if it were longer.

Stop Motion Animation
by Omer Faruk on 05/04/2016

Very experienced, friendly and helpful. Provided many resources and helped answer all our queries. Thank you Sharron.

Stop Motion Animation
by Olimkhon Ikromov on 05/04/2016

Lots of great resources. Introduction to new apps. Awesome presentation.

Stop Motion Animation
by julie mcmullen on 05/04/2016

Good content with general overview, with room for practical hands on learning.

Stop Motion Animation

It was great to be able to try and use a range of tools and techniques on the day to bring back to school.

Stop Motion Animation

Very enjoyable and relaxed with plenty of time for hands on work.

Stop Motion Animation

Excellent handout/resources and presentation.

Stop Motion Animation
by Marion Wheeler on 04/01/2016

I loved having own time to create and work as a group. Show more examples at the beginning rather than go straight into info.

Stop Motion Animation
by Teliece Wallace on 04/01/2016

Fun, informative and very hands on. Very kind of course.

Stop Motion Animation

It was so beneficial. I’ll use it in my extra curricular programs.

Stop Motion Animation

Very clearly presented. Great resources provided. Sufficient time for practical application of the theory.

Stop Motion Animation

Good information and examples. Easy to use in the classroom.

Stop Motion Animation
by Cheree Davis on 14/09/2015

Sharon is clearly passionate about the subject. Very useful resources.

Stop Motion Animation
by Sonia Barnett on 14/09/2015

Sharon is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Thanks for the resources.

Stop Motion Animation

Great and interactive. With great resources.

Stop Motion Animation

Great presentation. Sharon is fabulous. It was useful today to have some of my own props because time was limited. Coming to the day with a concept storyboard and would save time. A bit rushed for time.

Stop Motion Animation
by Margie Lewis on 14/09/2015

Really informative short course. Great. Sharon was very knowledgeable and helpful. More practice investigating the machinations of the program would be good. Not enough time. Still great.

Stop Motion Animation
by David Shrubb on 14/09/2015

Excellent course. Very enjoyable. Good knowledge and pace.

Stop Motion Animation
by doreen harris on 09/06/2015

Very informative. The information presented was very relevant and easily applied to my teaching areas. The information can be integrated easily into programs for all ages Yrs 7-12.

Stop Motion Animation

Great ideas and wonderful resources to take back to the classroom. Would be good over 2-3 days so we can play with the software more and become more confident.

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