Exploring Romanticism

Barbara Stanners
My focus is developing rich teaching and learning resource materials for Secondary English teachers to use in the classroom.
Explore Romanticism views, attitudes and values. Analysis of Coleridge, Wordsworth & the novel 'Frankenstein'. Focus on student knowledge and writing skills in both sec...
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All secondary English teachers
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This course involves the clarification of core content and skills needed to develop contextual and conceptual understanding for the Romanticism, Extension 1 elective. Key ideals, values and ways of thinking will be examined through an evaluation of ‘Frankenstein’ and the poetry of Coleridge and Wordsworth. Suitable related Romanticist texts will also be discussed. One session will focus in particular on how to develop student examination skills for both the critical and creative sections of the Extension 1 paper.


All secondary English teachers

Available Delivery Formats

This course contributes to 5.0 professional development hours.


There are no occurrences of Face to Face - Individual in Australia (NSW) at this time.


Registration/Workshop Booklets distributed/Course overview

No duration specified

8.45am – 9.30am
Does not contribute towards PD hours (BOSTES)

Introduction of trainer/presenter and course overview

10 minutes

9.30am – 9.40am

Session 1 : Developing Conceptual and Contextual Understanding

1 hour and 5 minutes

9:40 – 10:45
This will involve clarifying key understandings and knowledge of what is signified by the term Romanticism. This requires the significance of the movement being understood and an appreciation for what preceded and followed the Romanticist era in terms of historical, social and economic context. To meet the demands of the Extension syllabus for this elective, teachers must be confident in communicating the paradigm shift in thinking and outlook across the arts, including the prescribed texts.

Morning Tea

15 minutes


Session 2 : Examining Romanticist Tenets and Texts

2 hours

11.00am- 1.00 pm
Clarification that Romanticism is NOT a genre or style but a movement will be achieved by working through recurring beliefs, ideals and concerns. What constitutes Romanticism must be clearly understood before the prescribed texts can be fully appreciated. ‘Frankenstein’ as well as selected poems by Coleridge and Wordsworth will be evaluated. Discussion will include evaluating the core knowledge and understanding required by students in responding to Romanticist texts. Group activity will enable collegial discussion and textual engagement.


No duration specified

Please note that in NSW the hour for lunch does not count towards the total PD hours for this course with BOSTES.

Session 3 : Use of Related texts

1 hour and 20 minutes

Varied teaching and learning strategies for developing student analytical and creative writing skills will be examined. Suitable related texts will also be discussed along with an evaluation of their representation of Romanticist ideas and elements.

Evaluation/ feedback forms

10 minutes

Including summation, distribution of certificates and collection of feedback sheets

What To Bring

  • Copies of the set poems for annotation and discussion
  • Copies of suitable related texts for resource sharing.

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Exploring Romanticism
by Jean Burton on 03/07/2017

Whenever I see Barbara Stanners' name I know it is synonymous with excellence. She knows the material and gives practical application which you can use in the lessons immediately. Also so generous – thank you for all the resources. A great overview and flexibility to suit the teachers who turn up.

Exploring Romanticism
by David Welch on 03/07/2017

Very useful information. The presenter has a very detailed understanding of Romanticism and the prescribed texts. I was disappointed that two of my three prescribed texts were not addressed in detail, although, the notes are very good.

Exploring Romanticism

Useful resources and knowledgeable presenter. An excellent PD experience!

Exploring Romanticism

Barbara was very engaging and presented very relevant teaching and learning activities plus practical resources.

Exploring Romanticism
by Rhiannon Sweeney on 03/07/2017

I wish there were time to cater all texts. It’d be good to look at timing and structuring.

Exploring Romanticism
by Tim Murray on 03/07/2017

Barbara is always a fantastic communicator. Her resources and ideas are grounded in experience and are practical.

Exploring Romanticism
by Jennifer Badman on 03/07/2017

Very helpful with fantastic resources. I am much more confident in the course now.

Exploring Romanticism
by gabrielle jones on 03/07/2017

Very generous with resources and spot on with what’s required of the Rubric.

Explore Romanticism
by Lucinda Solomko on 16/09/2016

Excellent great conversation resources. Really promoted a focus conceptually and explored how to direct student ways of thinking on the module.

Explore Romanticism
by Jennifer Tasker on 16/09/2016
Explore Romanticism

Great structure, informative, with plenty of time for discussion & contribution. Good lessons ideas & resources.

Explore Romanticism

Stimulated ideas and facilitated quality discussion. Perhaps a bit more time for discussion & sharing ideas.

Explore Romanticism
by Regina Forrester on 16/09/2016

Informative and very helpful. Re-vitalized our teaching, and great retooling & reinforcement. Barbara’s enthusiasm and professionalism is highly valued. One of the best courses I have ever attended.

Explore Romanticism
by Selina Ferfolja on 16/09/2016

Informative dense content. I came away feeling refreshed and gave me ideas to reflect on to refine my teaching.

Explore Romanticism

Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter. Content was highly relevant and useful.

Explore Romanticism
by Rosa Mirarchi on 16/09/2016

This was fantastic. It clarified everything for me. Gave me ideas. Gave me confidence. Barbara you are wonderful. Thank you

Explore Romanticism

Very helpful & directly relevant to teaching. Ext. 1

Explore Romanticism
by Michelle Selmes on 16/09/2016

Excellent overview of key elements of the course. Very informative 3 some excellent ideas presented and resources shared.

Explore Romanticism
by Pauline Banting on 16/09/2016

Good consolidation of knowledge Excellent strategies for implementation.

Exploring Romanticism

Extremely useful. Easy to understand the knowledge and how to teach Romanticism. I have walked away feeling confident of the content.

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Barbara has been English KLA co-ordinator at Richmond H.S. and Bede Polding College, Windsor South. She has extensive teaching and training experience with Junior and Senior Secondary English courses as well as Certificates in Mentoring and Professional Leadership. Over thirty Teacher Resource Textbooks have been published over the past fifteen years.
Developing resources for all Stage 6 English courses, remains a particular area of interest and expertise.